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Ferrets for sale


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Have you seen the Two Austrailian Ferrets for sale on Evilbay? These are the ones that form a set of three with a Mountain of spares up for grabs. Originaly, the owner wanted to sell everything as a set. The price was obviously too much! Now he is splitting them & attempting to sell seperately. £9,000 Aus Dollars for a Ferret that is 'Apparantly Preserved'!! & hasnt run for years! :shocked: I wonder if he will have any luck attempting to sell at THIS price!...:nut: I dont know the situation of how Rare Ferrets are in Aus. But I would not have thought them scarce! :-\


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if you bid on these far as i can tell you are bidding in sterling, having just done the inside of my ferret which now looks as good inside as these two ferrets and mine has more ces kit these have no radios etc he even mentions engine restored cosmetically ie lick of paint ! think they are a bit steep in price :cool2:( just had a look again at the inside and mine looks better)

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I looked through the lists of spares that are for sale as a seperate lot. Lots of them .


The whole things great but may cost a fortune to move. I think the ferrets are over priced, but the spares ???


Whats a wheel station worth ?

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