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  1. Hi all, Im looking to sell my 1/4 Ton Jeep trailer Its a 1955 model made in Holland by Poylnorm under licence and I believe is very similar (if not identical) in appearance to the wartime versions with the exceptions of the lights, reflectors, electrical systems (which are still the original items) and small embossed manufacturers logo on the rear panel The trailer is in good used condition and ready to rally, with new tyres recently fitted and still retaining its manufacturers data plates. The bodywork is relatively straight and the floor is in sound condition with the exception of two small holes that would require very minimal remedial work to repair The canvas is unfortunately rotten and requires replacement but I have left it on the trailer in case it is needed for a template (although you can buy them new off the shelf relatively cheaply) Price is £650 I am based near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Any questions please ask
  2. WW2 US Halftrack War Department Technical Manual TM9-710 Good quality reprint in good but used condition. Looking for £25 plus postage cost (£3.10 to uk mainland) Ay questions please ask.
  3. In very good condition and in its original transit case. Almost appears unissued! Asking £250. We are near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Any questions please ask. Kind regards, Mark
  4. I have the following items for sale for a 25 pounder field gun (please also see attached photos): Banana shaped skid for rear trail 2nr hand spikes I am looking for around £350 for the skid and £200 for the spikes. I also have a WW2 era hitch that I bought to use on our (long since departed) quad limber and gun. Looking at £50 for this. I also have a large quantity of other 25pdr accessories available - please see my other post for details. Items can be collected from either Essex (SS7 postcode) before the end of January, or Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire any time. Any questions please ask. Kind regards, Mark
  5. Items still available for sale - please contact me if of any interest. Mark
  6. Hi All, I am looking to sell my collection of 25 pounder field gun spare parts and accessories that I have amassed over the past 25 years including various sights, shell cases and the canvas "elephants trunk" transport cover. I would like to sell as a whole for around £3,000. If this is of interest please contact me and I will send you a schedule and photos of the items available. We are located near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Kind regards, Mark Wheatley
  7. Hi, I have a couple of (what I believe to be) 30/50cal gun mounts from our (unfortunately long departed) M3A1 halftrack. I have been approached to sell them to help a fellow enthusiast complete their restoration, however I have no idea what they would be worth as I havent seen any "on the market" for some time. Can anyone advise thoughts? The mounts are stamped D58628 / C7111743 (although this might not be accurate due to the layers of paint. Many thanks for your help in anticipation. Mark Wheatley
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