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WW2 Royal Air Force Vehicles


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I thought it would be useful if we could start a thread on WW2 Vehicles used by the RAF, Having recently watched a documentry on Bomber Command, there was a good selection of RAF crew 'buses', tractors, Radio/Radar trucks & refuellers.

So, how about uploading pictures of vehicles in RAF use during 1939 - 45 ? or some recent restorations!


Over to you



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Here´s one of my favourite RAF vehicles: the Commer Q2 Truck, 15-cwt, 4x2, Van. Here's what I found in Vanderveen's books (text) and the internet (pictures):


6-cyl. 66-bhp engine (own 20.9 hp 3180-cc sv) driving rear wheels via 4-speed gearbox. Hydraulic brakes. Leaf-spring suspension. Tyre size 10.50-16. Wheelbase 120 in.

Overall dimensions 189x78x90 in. Weight 5375 lb.

Composite construction integral bodywork by Mulliners of Birmingham for RAF, production starting July 1940. Later production had 80-hp 4-litre engine. Several other body styles.






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