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T-66 Rocket Launcher

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It's very unlikely that any exists outside a few ordnance museums stateside as it was very late arriving in service, only one batalion 282 FA Ist Army received the weapon before Germany surrendered and unlike the M8 type fin stabillized rockets it doesn't seem to be used in the Far East or Korea. The T27 (M8) launcher also shown in the clip was easier to man handle especially in terrain like the Philipines.


The British and Canadian Armies used a similar weapon to the T66 in Europe called the land mattress. No8 Mk1 had 30 tubes and an earlier type used by the Canadians during the early stages of the Scheldt operation had 12 tubes -so in a way similar to the US T27 launcher- being lighter.



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The Sherman mounted R.L. sometimes called Calliope and numbered T34 and T34E1 fired the fin stabilised M8 rockets.


there were two late war delelopments of the M16 rocket as fired by T66 towed mount, the Sherman M16 developments were T72 and T99 -neither were used beyond testing. A similar device to T99 was fitted to M26E3 Pershing again as a test.

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