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Home at last!

Ole Pars

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Today I finally managed to drive my own 101 into the driveway!

Tony B picked me up at Stansted Airport yesterday, and drove "Elusive Lady" and myself to the ferry at Harwich. She almost behaved herself all the way from the ferry in DK to my home.

We did have a little fight at a traffic light, due to my very poor clutching skills, she died and refused to restart.

Some not very nice Danish words, spoking in anger, and some fiddling vith old burnt out wires at the coil, a new cableshoe later, she fired back up and took me the last 5 miles home.

My wife looks like a big question mark in her face, the boys (2 and 5) went ballistic, and i, myself is very pleased with my new toy and are looking forward to som good adventures in my 101 LHD Ambulance named "Elusive Lady"

Thanks a lot Tony!

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No no Jack, it's his company motor that's red!

Just got that one!! :banghead:


And Ole don't worry! The Gremlin, troll or whatever you call the nasty litle **** spirits that cause electrical problems in Denmark. He's decided to come home!! The 'company car' decided to stop this morning, and guess where? Right across the lights a busy junction! Alternator failed!!

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Land Rover Hand Over



And the Lightweight and Sankey


Me and the good old prince of darkness, Lucas, had some more fights today. Guess i cut away some 5 metres of wires the smoke has got out of. Must refill the smoke tomorrow:-D

Still pleases me though. I will get her all fixed up in time..

Today my youngest son, Gustav at 2, joined me, working the Lady, and i guess it has ben a long time since there has been so much fun and laughs in the cabin. He adores it at much as me and thats a very good start.

Today the heater blower and controls was all fixed up. The blower itself had left the blover motor and the control was jammed.

Tomorrow the front fog lights will be fired up again. on the original wiring( I hope:cool2:)

Next thing is the stretcher cabins fress air blowers. One wont blow! And then mabye the fan belt back on the compressor just to see it working.

Eberspächer burnt a lot of fuel today, but Gustav and i was very warm and confy:-D

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