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In aid of H4H - CASTLEFORD 11/9/10

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The event is staged with all profits going to Help for Heroes.


I was approached by the organisers of this event, to ask whether any MV owners would like to attend with their vehicles?


It is held on Sat 11th Sept 2010, there is camping available for those wanting to set up on the Friday night and on the Saturday night as well. There will be security laid on both nights, and most importantly… a beer tent.


The organiser is expecting helicopters, (I spoke to the organiser today, he was in the middle of having to arrange airspace!), there will be regular soldiers there with some kit, along with ‘Tanktastic’ from Nottingham, http://www.tanktastic.co.uk, there will also be fairground rides if you want a thrill, and a firework display to wrap things up on the Saturday night.


The organisers are getting good support from the council (hard cash) so it looks like a good event to diary for Sept?


Events such as these do need support from us, I’ll be going with the militant, if you’re interested the organiser is Steven Hyde 0787 855 0977, or drop me a line 07766 409 281.

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Interesting. I've seen this 432 driving around Nottingham.... and I've also seen the CVRT somewhere before too :cool2:


I'll have to see what the petrol price it like, but I could bring the something.

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website with some details of the event :






event is held on the Queen's Park playing fields, Ferrybridge Road, Castleford, WF10 4JR


as mentioned before, there are facilities to camp, facilities to make a cup of tea etc, toilets, local shops nearby and security laid on so you can sleep soundly in your tent :)


I shall be arriving at about 4pm on the Friday with the BBQ and some beer, and will be staying until Sunday morning as the event doesn't finish until about 9pm on Saturday with a firework show.

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- big thank you to those who attended, it was very much appreciated by the organiser, who asked me to pass on his thanks.

Our presence today went down very well with the organisers and helped them achieve their goals; to raise money for this worthy appeal and to remind the public of the past efforts the armed forces have, and continue to make on our behalf.

Hope you all got home safely.


BTW, I do agree with you Duncan, those cheerleaders were awful :)

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