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Lightweight Markings


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I am trying to identify some markings that have come to light on the rear of my lightweight, photos attached, all markings were applied over a coat of gloss white, can anyone out there shed any light?


This one was on the upper tail gate, nearside end, and is about 6 inches high



Stenciled direct to the body work where the ERM would normally be displayed



copies of the Merlin printout in case it helps anyone!




The initials UNTAG on the vehicle no would seem to suggest that it may have been part of the UN force that deployed to Namibia,the vehicles use by 30 signals regt would appear to back that up however I have been told by someone from 30 signals who was there that they did not deploy any lightweights, just some mine proof ex rhodesian 109's. I have seen evidence on the net that some British army lightweights were deployed by the Finns as part of UNTAG.

Any help greatfully recived







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Now it is going to take me a bit to figure out on which forum and the thread. About 1 year ago somebody posted a photograph of 2 or 3 Land Rovers in UN white being unloaded from a US Air Force transport aircraft - IIRC in Namibia , also being unloaded was a British Army FFR Lightweight - still in NATO green / black.

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Warminster reserve stock - '80 to '88.


It seems it was a hand-picked reserve fresh truck & then it would have been put through a full maintenance checks for "Service as Class 1"


for :-


UNKNOWN 7/6/88 to 9/3/90


You don't often get a UNKNOWM on MMI - have you determined the dates when all this Finnish / UN business was ongoing in Namibia ?


I am suspecting the UNKNOWN is in fact whilst with the UN.

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Just had the Merlin report for 05HH57. They both have an entry for UIN CA010A - Unknown within a couple of months of each other followed by an entry for A0419A - 30 signals Regt on the same day, since the time scale matches with Op Prosrerous, and 30 sigs was the British unit deployed there it would seem reasonable that they were taken on to the books for return to the UK. As it seems likely that the markings I found on it relate to the Finnish army an e-mail to Finland seems on the cards.

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Hi guys,


sorry to jump in, I am new here.


reading this thread struck a note with me so I checked my merlin report.

19 HF 05 (Mil Hist).pdf


although stored at a different depot ( OSU Thetford)


the next entry is the same unknown unit CA010A 21/03/88


as far as I can tell CA175C (57 LOG SP SQN RLC VEH TP) was bassed in Northern Ireland, and the remaining units all rotated through until its disposal in 97.


but what was happening between manufacture 1979 and 1988 ? Maybe similar to yours.


just an idea, but the pics of lightweights in the Falklands elseware on this forum show similar aged vechicles, is that a possibility,


It would be great if anyone could shed further light on this.

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Looks like you will have to pay abt. £25 for a B card search at RLC Museum. Seems in your case early history not transferred onto Merlin computer , sometimes it is.


I have come across this before , check for VPK having been fitted. Extra holes in bodywork, best / easiest - look for a hole abt. 12mm dia. centre very rear of tub (where bottom of lower tail-gate sits) for engaging bi-parting centre doors shot-bolt. It seems that quite a few were fitted with VPK and held back as reserve for years at OSU Thetford - some never reached NI..

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