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Springs on Bedford MJ uprated when atlas crane fitted?


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Re: the Bedford MJ 4x4 4 tonne...

The atlas crane has to be about 1 1/4 tonnes... Anyone know if the MOD uprated the vehicles springs?

Is the vehicle unladen weight 5100KG with this or 6350kg?

Any tips or info greatly appreciated as hoping i can run one of these for my business.

Probably going to have to have the miriad of licenses too... obviously Class C for up to 30 Tonne vehicle as will not down-rate the vehicle.

Think i then need an operators license and a taco fitted as want to run it for my business... not just for shows.


Ta very much

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Then I think you were thinking the right thing then :cool2:


I don't see why the springs should have been uprated, as the max. axle loadings would remain the same - just means there would be a bit more weight on the front axle when unladen. Loaded axle weights would be the same as without crane.


The amazing thing about the Bedford is its low unladen front axle weight compared to more modern trucks.

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If you are using the crane then you will also need a Hiab licence and the crane will need to be inspected. You will also need to keep a record book for the safety inspections that you will need to carry out everytime you use it. All the lifting gear such as chains will also need to be inspected and certificated for use and these need re-inspecting at regular intervals.

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Thanks fells.

So most probably army operatives or reme i suppose left the springs alone based on the already capable specification of axle and springs.

Just thinking about the load which is spec'd at 4 tonne... probably can only take 3 tonne then?

I have a hiab license and will soon be taking class C.

Will probably get strops, hook, chains etc checked periodically at Jempsons yard in Rye.

What's this i hear about more kit coming back to theUK / Withams from Cypress?


Has any kit hit our shores yet?

Probably end up in the March / April tender i suppose.

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Workwise - if you haven't got a vehicle yet, there are still one or two of the civilian MJR trucks around with rear-mounted Hiab (typically Model 070) as used by the Electricity companies in large numbers. These would also have power steering.


You might look a bit out of place taking it to a M.V. rally though :-D

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