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Part Sunken Pillbox, Camber

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Looks in good enough tcondition to be lifted out with a crane.......:cool2:

Wouldnt that be nice if it was saved to stand outside a Museum, Brenzett perhaps?


(PS:I have NO connenction to this Museum, but I notice it has a massive grounds area where this would sit VERY nicely, & is not too far from Camber)

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A couple of questions from the ignorant, how do you know that this is a Vickers MG bunker? are they built to a certain design?


I guessed! and was correct and had it confirmed by someone with some experience with these. If you check the other threads i posted a pillbox in Horsebridge which is very similar to this.


What could make this Camber pillbox more interesting is that it could have been built later than any of the others.

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There is a small cafe on the sea front facing the sea to the right of this in the dunes you will find it, there maybe a carpark nearby aswell.


Theres at least three cafe's in Jersey I can think of that are in the bunkers! There you go nice buissness opertunity! :-D

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