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LR 110 Wolf Tender


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Up on the next Witham tender is a (number of actually) Wolf described thus:

'Landrover 110 Wolf with parts removed to include all major assemblies'


What does that mean? Do they mean:

Landrover 110 Wolf, includes all major assemblies but with some parts removed


Landrover 110 Wolf with all major assemblies removed


Has anyone any experiance with demobbed 110 Wolves, in terms of what state they are usually in?

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As I understand it, many if not most Wolfs/Wolves(?) being sold off have suffered damage to a certain extent. See this thread for some pictures: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?16254-My-Land-Rover-Wolf-xD-110


Also, the fleet is being extensively rebuilt (including 90´s being used to build 110´s), rather than being struck off charge once they develop a problem or reach a certain age as with other vehicles.


So the ones available for tender are most likely incomplete, but have all major assemblies, i.e. chassis, drive line and body? Maybe they picked some worn out and tired ones for body panels? The above is what I read in the HMV/LR press - I am not a LR expert. But I am interested to hear what is being auctioned these days.




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I have a rebuilt, accident damaged TUM (HS) in other words a Wolf 110. There are some pics of it here http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?7132-Land-Rover-Wolf-Build.


I haven't been keeping up with the latest on the in service ones, but I believe they are converting the 90s to 110s using a new chassis.


It sounds like these ones in the tender may be a collection of parts, which when reassembled would be a complete-ish vehicle. From the guide price I expect it's just a pile of bent bits. When they were being released in 2003 complete accident damaged vehicles were around £3500+vat.



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They are usually complete right offs now when they are released.


I think these are the latest WMIKS that have come from Iraq,with all roll cages ect removed, and then Hobsons would have removed anything of value, in which case the only thing left is a chassis and a little body work..... they are quoted at £850, so I cant imagine there is much left at all........


Just remember, my wolf (which is in the post above) was released in 2003, and yet was still £5000 from Withams, and that was with a bent chassis.......


The last Wolf which went through Withams had MASSIVE interest, so went for over £10000 in I think 2007, and that too had a bent chassis..... Just try to get a good unbent, un stamped chassis that hasnt already been used in an earlier wolf rebuild. I only know of two at the moment (mine plus another chap), and the fella aint selling...... If you use a second hand chassis, you dont get to keep the valuable wolf ID either (it will go on a modern plate, with a NEW non land rover chassis number (I have seen one like this already)and will have to pass modern Class 7 new version of what was the SVA!!! Land Rover Traceability were very clued up, and very clear about this when I phoned to check that my wolf will keep its ID. Be warned.

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£10,000, Personally i would be patient, at the present time Hobsons are re-building them, but at some time in the future they will be deemed no longer fit for purpose or not economical to continue with, and then they will be sold off in their droves.

Dont see too many other landys making big bucks except pinkies, i think that will be the case for "Wolf" variants, they arent all WMIK fits or "Snatch" majority are GS or FFR.

And the potential £££ Collectors market for WMIK Land Rovers mean that non "original" copies will be punted about by those that bought the surplus WMIK kits and slapped it onto a GS.


I'd save your pennies and wait for a Jackal, no faking those!

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