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Cavas Question 2

Soul Reaver


Has anyone managed to re-dye there canvas? Mine has almost faded to white and I would like to restore it as best as I can to the green. I know theres no waterproofing on it as it leaks like hell when it rained all nite on us inside. I will waterproof it after dying it. Any help here would be good.


Cheers Matt

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For sealing canvas, Thompson's Water Sealer (the stuff you paint on house brickwork) is amazing. Used on my Landy three years ago, its been water-tight ever since. Its transparent, so wont help you with the colour issue. Available at B&Q.

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If using syntetic paint idea, will it make the canvas a bit stiff and does it crack and peel off?

If using fence stuff, will it not stink?

Any chance of a link to the thread about the B&Q fence stuff idea please?




I have replied to your pm after searching the other forum for the thread but also have found the product that both proofs and colours canvas ,it is called fabsil and I think is made by a company called Johnsons


hope this of some help



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