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My newly aquired Ferret had a tank full of extremely stale & horrid smelling fuel & was also running rough so I decided to drain out the fuel & have replaced it with new. Problem now is the fuel is not being pumped to the carb. If put petrol into the bleed valve on the outlet side of the fuel filter the engine will run until that fuel is used. Does the pump need to be primed, has the waxy fuel clogged it - who knows. Any ideas on how to fix this problem desperately needed .




Keith 00 EC 16

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Change the fuel filter, the small filter at the carb, and blow through all the lines. Re-connect it all up and prime the system using the bleed valve you mentioned. Keep pouring fuel in there untill it stops making bubbling noises. I did this with a bottle and a piece of hose. Keep the bottle high enough so that it forces fuel all the way round the system.



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