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thames defence boom

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When we were out kayaking around the mulberry at southend the other w/end we spotted this sticking out to sea .when we had packed up we drove round to shoeburyness found a free car park and set off on foot through the old garrison which is now been turned into fancy houses ! we came across the start of what we could see earlier at east beach not knowing what it was i asked the coastel watch officer in his tower who told us it was for managing the shipping in the thames .ok i thought until i found this http://www.gnometech.freeserve.co.uk/html/defence_boom.html yeah its whats left of managing german shipping in 1939 as in u boats !

southend and lighthouse potrland005.jpg

southend and lighthouse potrland004.jpg

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sorry to tell you mate but that is not the ww2 defence boom but one built for the cold war ,the ww2 boom starts a hundred yrds or so further over and is old sunken barges and timber posts if you find this interesting then if you park at east beach and walk out at low tide approx 300yrds you will find tons of old railway lines that have been cut down these were angled to rip the hulls of landing craft out like the gerries did over there side, at barge pier you will find scaffolding defence remains and on the garrison site two search light emplacements and an mg post sunk into the sea wall as well several other gun implacements.:shocked:

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