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  1. Hi jack came along to the first one with a jeep is it poosible if room to bring a gmc instead throughly enjoyed last time. It would me and one other.
  2. Wonder if any one gets here again for picture up date or have I got to go back again.
  3. Nice picture of a great universal truck between two nicely modified traction engines.
  4. Its with great sadness to say that i had a call from my ex wife Elaine to say her father George had passed away in the night .i am sure there has to be many members on this forum who remember George from the dorset area mvcg/mvt going right back to the early days i first met george on the first jersey tour when i was eight i am 45 now!! . Our thoughts go to his wife Anne and daughters Erica an Elaine and son stuart .
  5. hi thanks for the info on that guess because tide was in we didnt see original one. no plans to go back so any pics you could take and post would be good .
  6. hi its a post war higgins boat and did belong to a Ian hughes of hughes movie supply on south coast . got to drive our jeep out of it in 2004 for a feature on bbc news also got to have a drive of it out to sea and beach land it !!
  7. gmc breakdown vehicles known as "set no 7"were based on long and short chassis and fitted with a pulley block with a hoisting capacity of 500kg on a monorail. they were tobe used for towing broken down or disabled vehicles. they could also be used for transporting equipment or supplies where the pulley block could be used for loading purposes.
  8. thanks paul for the invite had a great day its always good at southsea great to see the veterans parade those old boys sure march proud .
  9. Thanks Jack for a great weekend, unbeknownst to me (Amanda in the Amanda Jane Jeep) i was in the process of passing a kidney stone, which is why David and I had to depart early sunday morning. The experience of taking part in the convoy however helped to dull the pain.Im pleased to say the stone finally passed out on my arrival home. Roll on 2012 and we can do it all again minus the stone!!!
  10. this one is complete and un damaged but upside down !felt a bit uneasy wading in side through the water didnt know what was lurking in side !!
  11. last may we paddled about normandy mullberrys and those on south coast . this year we chose to go to dieppe in see the dieppe raid beaches and local area (The Dieppe raid august 19 1942 ) could not belive the size of the cliffs and how small the beach areas where . Paddling along the coast at different places one been at puys we came across two bunkers which appear to have fallen due to the coastal erosion ,did read that it is 1 mtr a year in these parts !
  12. spotted these two sets set of dragons teeth between haselmere and grayswood on a286 traveled this road many hundreds of times but traveling slower with sons off roader on trailer caught them out of corner of eye said to boys did you see those dragons teeth yeah and havent you seen them before dad ! spoke to my dad about them and he has traveled that road as in trucks many times his answer was carnt say ive noticed them. spec savers for both of us i think .
  13. hi great pics walked past them to defence boom in summer .how long before they get knocked down there was a lot of building work going on and landscaping park.
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