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Lube Chart for Humber Scout

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From the research that has been done from a UK armoured car group, there are about 18 or so that have been accounted for. Most of the ones are in museums (in different states of condition) the ones that get out the most from museums and are running are the one from Jersey Isles and the Dutch Calvary Museum, there are 4 or 5 in private hands unrestored and mine that is restored. I purchased mine out of Holland. Below are the locations and owners, I have only put their initials down, due to respecting their privacy.


Location/Number/Humber MKI or II/Current Unit markings


Muzeum Wojska Polskiego, Warsaw F198389 I Polish 2nd Armd Regt

Tank Museum, Bovington F196345 I Guards Armd Div

Cavalry Museum, The Netherlands I

Cavalry Museum, The Netherlands II

Jersey I Guards Armd Div

Brussels Museum

Holland F199036 II Guards Armd Div

MH I Unrestored wreck

MH II Unrestored wreck

X- Budge Collection F196184 I 11th Armoured F195771 Inns of Court

DL Unrestored wreck

CH I Unrestored wreck

F198307 II 44th RTR 4th Armoured Brigade (mine) still marked as West Riding..


Pics http://www.warwheels.net/humberscout2varga.html

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That is true, Dingo's are nice, hence the selling of my 42 Ford, found a Dingo and now just need more funds to get it.... The Stuart in the background was one that came out of Brazil.

If anyone is interested I just found out several days ago that another Humber Scout is on the market, 32K Euro and needs a complete restoration, comes with a spare engine, transmission and some electrical components and the ultra uber rare PLM mount, which I am missing :-(....

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What I received is the lube chart (which was paper) and went on a wooden board that was kept in the left hand side bin. I know there was a data plate on the drivers side wall, possibly engine/lube info, but I don't know.


Yes I do know that some Humbers didn't have the PLM mount, problem is, I want the bloody mount :argh:, and it is rare as Alien poop....haha. I might even put a M2HB on it, I love this pic.... 44th RTR, 4th Armoured Brigade, Normandy..


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Yes that is the one, I had a hard time trying to decide if I was going to mark it up Guards Armoured or 4th Armoured, maybe I will switch back and forth so I can yell" Start the purple, start the purple!"



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