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  1. Front towbar bracket assembly and windscreen frame surplus to requirements . Free to “proper home” . Located East Devon.. email me at simondduff@gmail.com. I haven’t a clue as to how to show a photo of the items - someone help me !
  2. My thanks to Neil Hampton for giving me a roller and also providing a proper 4 bladed fan assembly for my Pioneer .
  3. Thank you Neil, that is good news. Well, I would like to purchase the items from you so I need to know the cost ! And especially would you be prepared to send by Parcelforce or carrier ?. I can send funds direct to you bank account if that is best for you. My email address is simondduff@gmail.com which you should use for any sensitive information. Thank you Simon
  4. Thanks Neil Looks fair enough to restore. Do you have the assembly which attaches to the front of the Gardner to which the fan mounts ? Simon
  5. That looks fine thanks Neil. The important parts are the axle, the roller bearings and the brass end caps. I can clean up the rollers easily enough even if I loose abit of diameter. I am looking forward to seeing a photo of the fan and mounting bracket if that is possible. I have got the winch onboard and bolted in place. Next job will be the serving gear . I do enjoy working on this equipment as it is all so substantial and well made ! Thank you Simon
  6. Thank you for responding Richard, I may be “sorted” but will note that you could have a roller assembly. I have straightened and trued up my bent arms so should be ok there. I was interested to read your response to the thread about difficulties which might be put in the way of our enjoyment of our hobby/interests. You must have a hell of a big shed to house 70 plus units ! Hence the name “ Ashcollection “ ! Best Wishes Simon D
  7. Good morning Neil, blowing a Hoolie here and I suspect it is worse near Southampton ! Fully understand if you don’t venture out to take photos today unless your scrapper is lucky enough to be inside a shed ! Wonderful if you do have a fan available, my little 6 blader looks silly off centre in the big cowling. The proper fan will need different mounting assembly so if you have that complete I will be very pleased ! Many thanks Simon
  8. Good evening Neil I have remounted the winch on the chassis leaving the arm missing its roller assembly easily accessible so I can add it in due course. I hope you are able to supply me with one. On another matter, my Gardner is fitted with a small diameter 6 bladed fan mounted towards the RH side of the radiator. Perfectly serviceable I am sure but not correct according to pictures in my parts listing. Might you have available the correct 4 bladed, larger fan assembly ? Thanks Simon
  9. Thank you Mr Hampton ? Nrhampton. I get confused by names which are not names ! Anyway, thank you for your response. I am waiting to see if RICHARD in Norfolk has found what he thinks he may have. In the meantime, what would be the cost of one of your roller assemblies ? I have straightened and trued up the arm so only need the rollers. Where are you , and do you have various other spares ? Thanks Simon Duff
  10. Blimey Ash I should like to see your field ! Thank you Ashcollection, I will try to attach a photo of the roller assembly. If I fail, my email is simondduff@gmail.com so perhaps we could comms that way - it is just that I haven’t got the hang of this forum, or any forum ! I am in East Devon, where are you ? Simon
  11. Thank you Mike, that is most enlightening. Now I can widen the search. Simon D
  12. I am restoring the winch on my Scammell TRMU . The winch has suffered abuse in the form of the wire coming off and jamming up the whole works. In particular two of the rope packing arms are bent and one is missing the roller assembly at the ends. Does anyone know of a pile of winch parts somewhere or a donor winch ? I can probably straighten the arms but the missing roller assembly is a bigger problem. Any help gratefully received
  13. Thank you Amsco, I will text you but in the meantime I would like to find out what’s what with the display part, so if anyone else knows, I would like to hear from them. Thank you Simon D
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