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  1. Thanks mate, I just reread my post and it read like I was being arsey. Just never heard it before. Thanks very much
  2. Where does it state an MOT exempt vehicle can't carry a load or tow a laden trailer Mike? That's news to me!
  3. Yeah, I saw that one, looks like I'll have to stump up for it!! Cheers
  4. Im looking for the download of a specific manual for the CCKW 353. Its titled TM9-1801 Power Train, Chassis and Body...this isn't the one titled TM9-801 Regards Digger
  5. Thanks Tony. I'll give them a call tomorrow.
  6. Hi guys, How much do you's pay for your GMC insurance? Just trying to get a ball park figure, most of the quotes are coming back with £300-1000!!! Ive got 12 years no claims, no points, not accidents and stored away from home. Thanks
  7. Do you still have the Dodge Chris? Not seen it for a while!
  8. License sections not applicable? It would be Laden though. Just wondered about the passengers. How many could i carry? What would the V5 say with regards to setting?
  9. What are the rules with driving the 352 to a show with passengers in the back on the bench seats. I have a cat C and D1 license if that makes a difference? I guess I'm limited to 16 people? What about seatbelts? Cheers
  10. It's got to be you then. Its been a while since i saw you. Do you drive past the Poachers?
  11. I keep seeing a Dodge WC (I think) driving past my house every few weeks. Ive tried to flag it down to chat but to no avail! Its in Newcastle towards the airport Woolsington way. (Mods, if this is in the wrong section please move it!)
  12. Where does the DVLA state this pre-1960 entitlement, I've looked and I can't find anything about it.
  13. I know this is probably quite a basic question but I'm confused! If I passed my test in 1999 and have B and B1 on my licence which is vans upto 3500kg, does this mean I can drive a CCKW which is surely 2.5t (hence it's name, Duece and a half!!) Or, am I being stupid!!
  14. The picture doesn't even have exif info to see when it was taken.
  15. I think that's your computer then, I can view it fine!!
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