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  1. This clip titled New service speeds mail to U.S.troops BUT if you watch at the 3:10 mark the clip has a very high impact series of scenes of "Bren gun carriers " being put through some violent manouvers ! some thing like that shot of the Stolly going full speed into a lake ! Something went wrong...
  2. Looks like a great vehicle nice setting for the photo too.
  3. When the flame stabilized was it just getting the adjustment correct or does it also need to reach a temp. point before it will burn cleanly ? How long would one burn on a full tank of fuel and at max heat setting ?
  4. Thats a great read .. Tell me did you have to give the tool box back??
  5. Well Done a Very Smart Looking HMV indeed !
  6. lets see 1 gallon for 140 yards equals 420 feet 5280 feet in a mile divided by 420 equals 12.57 gallons per mile .... Must be other equipment that get even lower mileage I bet .
  7. This ones : Allied Drive on Italy Something went wrong...
  8. Its amazing what they have for radio contol kits now a days . I take it the chassie is hand made while the axles are bought and the transfercase ? no idea ! Is the drive shaft a cut to length item with supplied UJ's ? What about the spring hangers and their hardware or the springs themselves how much of that is hand made and whats bought ?
  9. Found on youtube a collection of WWII videos posted by PublicResources.org. this clip a collection of clips from around the Globe both battle fields and America . Aircraft, vehicles,soldiers and ships . Hope others will find it of interest . Something went wrong...
  10. Another news reel clip from WWII , posted on youtube by PublicResource.org. this starts with aircraft and then goes mainly to tanks and trucks , towards the end are a few very quick glimpses of Canadian and British equipment a few with camo paint jobs. Hope others will find this of interest Something went wrong...
  11. Found a collection of WWII clips on youtube this is one of 5300 plus posted there by Public Resource org.The collection hase all types of war films. Here is just one , this clip is collection of highlights from 1942 to 1945 includes Aircraft, tanks, trucks,troops and parades from a number of battle fields . Hope it will be interest. Something went wrong...
  12. Very Sad indeed . Nothing could be done to save it I guess as no one with the huge money it would take short of a Government .
  13. Very Nice indeed, cant wait to see the video of it motoring around soon enough !
  14. :rotfl:Yup pills and more pills , Getting old is not for weaklings .
  15. Thanks for the site listing , Not seen those clips before , I think the site had been listed but I had not explored the site. Found for example that there are 105 clips related to Normany from D-day to at least 6 years later . Heres one the unloading of vehicles directly on to the beach from a Landing ship . http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=54680
  16. Makes for a very educational experince as one will remember the details as an aside to the joke or comment that inspired it .
  17. I take it that as the unit is lifted up that you must have stopped at different stages to use supports underneath or across the hatches to allow you to shorten the lift chain as it is long in the first lift and missing in the final photo ?
  18. I was quite impressed by the rev's they got out of the engine as it completed the first loop , I was expected to see engine parts fly out and the engine stop .
  19. Clip found on Youtube posted of a WWII soldier by his son , a series of War period still photo's Something went wrong...
  20. Seems just like cats that Land Rovers can take a tumble and still end up on their wheels from Youtube Something went wrong...
  21. one of a number of clips on Youtube that feature what are listed as Hetzers . This will give a glimps of the sounds and motions of the AFV in general . Something went wrong...
  22. In the last set of photo's the modified fighter , has the engine been shifted foreward to correct the CG needed to account for the second cockpit ? just wonder whats needed to keep things in balance when its flying with one or two aboard.
  23. I got this one on film in 1989 so at least one made it till then . Unknow where it is now . http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?6706-Portsmouth-1989&p=68296#post68296
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