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  1. Welcome welcome! Military bikes = fun :-D I'll see you down in the bikes section...
  2. Hello Andy, as you call it a NEKAF can I assume it's a Dutch built jobbie?
  3. Hello Neil from Norfolk Gareth from Essex
  4. So I'm not the only He177 fan here then Welcome aboard!
  5. Welcome, and I'm afraid what Tony said was right: the only cure is to buy yourself the real thing
  6. Well, I've got a headline band confirmed: http://www.spaceritual.org/ and 5 support acts so far. I should get confirmation on use of the proposed site next week (fingers crossed) and then the advertising campaign can begin - ha ha! Currently speaking to sound people and local traders re. having stalls on site. Anyone who wants to help-out (man the gate, show people where to park, put-up marquees etc.) will be paid in beer and get moved closer to the top of my Christmas card list
  7. Hey Chris! Welcome to the forum Will you be going to Ursel this year? If so, you can join me for a Tripel Karmeliet or two :nut: Gareth
  8. Jim usually has a few Ladas along for the weekend too. Perhaps you can impress them
  9. Thanks for that I've not done anything like this before so it's a steep learning curve. I've got a headline act, some volunteers, a date, an embryonic website and a long list of things to do next :shake: Talking to land owners and sound people next week. Have applied to the local council re permissions etc. Got a whole load of gibberish from the PRS :confused: Still need lots of help - anyone got a water bowser we can borrow for the weekend? Don't know what else we need. My headless chicken impression is getting better and better
  10. My musical abilities will definitely NOT be on show that weekend. I have just got off the phone after speaking to a certain musician who will be well-known to those members who are as old as me (or older). Don't want to give anything away but he and his band are available and are pencilled-in for the weekend. I am talking to a land owner on Monday and, if all goes well, will be able to confirm with my star attraction after that. Then the advertising campaign will begin. Blimey!:captain:
  11. Love it! "Sleep" means towing, I think. One of the natives will correct me if I'm wrong
  12. Nice pic - I seem to remember they drove that YP all the way to Beltring. Travelling in style, huh?
  13. Ha ha! But which has the smaller turning circle: Bedford or Land Rover? :nut:
  14. OK then, as most of us AREN'T going to Detling this year... :-D I would like to organise a little festival on the August bank holiday weekend. This will involve live music, beer, camping, that sort of thing. At the moment it's just an idea, so perhaps some of you can help make it happen. I've been looking at marquee hire and such - it all starts to add-up very quickly, so if anyone has a marquee or military tent to lend for the weekend that'd help. I don't actually have a venue yet, so if anyone knows of a suitable place - a field or two, with room for a couple of marquees (one for music and one for drinking/falling over), tents for the happy campers and parking etc. I'm in Colchester so I'm aiming for Essex or Suffolk. Maybe you've got some land that'll be empty for the weekend? If any of you have stalls (militaria, ice creams, hot dogs, funny hats etc.) and you want to come along please do it I'm currently in conversation with PRS about licensing, so all help in that area much appreciated too. If you're in a band, or know of any musos who would like to play (don't think I'll be able to pay 'em much) please give me a shout. Something different, eh? A non-military weekend will make a refreshing change I reckon.
  15. How things change! These days the Luftwaffe are trying their best to keep a Lancaster in the air Welcome to the forum chap!
  16. Their loss is someone else's gain I guess. I'm currently in the planning stages of organising a beer and music festival, perhaps I'll hold it on August Bank Holiday weekend...:coffee:
  17. Yes, I'd recommend a Unimog too (no surprises there then ) Lots of 'em have box bodies on the back already, and when it comes to overlanding they're the standard by which all others are measured. Arrange a test-drive in a Bedford first. Have a good look around and see what else is available. Come to a vehicle show and have a look at the different machines - ask the owners (that's us :-D) questions - see how easy/difficult it is to get in and out of the cabs etc. Have a look on www.milweb.net too Gareth
  18. Yeah: that's what I was thinking. Regarding late entries for a show: I know from experience that organisers want names and numbers up-front as soon as possible. This helps to sort-out other stuff, but when people have contacted me the week before a show to ask if they can attend I've always said yes. The more the merrier is what I think.
  19. He he... that's what I was thinking
  20. Then there's the next stage: looking for extra space to store your green machines coz you've run out of room and the neighbours are complaining
  21. Welcome Alex Not owning an MV is no problem on this forum, although I think you might be tempted to get one after spending some time in here. Have fun...
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