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  1. Another Mog fan joined the forum yesterday ;-)
  2. Just cross your fingers and hope those aren't famous last words ;-) Gotta admit: Stollies look the business. Definitely the Westie's testes!
  3. Hmm, sheds..... two bikes in my shed: one is a Honda SS125A from 1970, the other is my military V50. Some pictures of the V50 can be seen here --> http://www.takeforum.com/mvwf/viewtopic.php?t=311&mforum=mvwf Gareth
  4. Thank you everybody for the warm welcome :-)
  5. Amazing photos - thanks for posting them. So good to see some B17s in natural metal - remember when Sally B used to look like that? Nice pic if the B24 too, I remember seeing Diamond Lil a few years back when she came over for the "Return to Britain" stuff (1992?)
  6. If I remember correctly, the Atlantic Conveyor was packed to the gunwales with vehicles when she was sunk on her way to the islands. I think the only Land Rover used by the British Army in Operation Corporate was a civvy model captured from the Argies (who had, themselves, liberated it from some poor islander).
  7. Evenin' all! I seem to be lurking in just about every other forum, so figured it was about time I joined this one too. I'm Gareth and I live in Colchester. The current set of toys are: 1967 Unimog from Belgium, 1980 Land Rover and 1984 Guzzi V50 - both from the Netherlands. Lorraine and I regularly attend a few shows each year, including Beltring, Overlord, Waddo, Detling, Kemble, Newark and one or two local jobbies as well. Recognise a few people in here so I'm sure you're all a nice bunch ;-) Some pictures of my green machines can be found here --> http://www.heidilandrover.tk Take it easy Gareth
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