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    Martians, Real Ale, Steam Rollers, Scammells, the order varies.
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  1. Wanted due to theft, set of front weights for Pioneer Recovery, full set would be ideal, but any amount would be helpful.. cheers Andy Cox.
  2. Thanks for that Shaun, they are indeed Stalwart, but all are the same (8731).... I may be able to re-engineer them for a Martian, if they do become surplus I will let you know. - sorry for the slow response, I have had one of those months! cheers Andy Cox
  3. Hi, does anyone know the part nos for a Stalwart Clutch plate, I have come across some plates in the shed and I am trying to identify them, they are supposed to be for a Rolls B80/B81 and they are a 12" plate, but the centre boss seems too large to be Martian.
  4. I think it was withdrawn prior to the sale. It was claimed to be 1941 but the chassis number seemed too high, or the wrong number was stated.
  5. Thought I had better get round to introducing myself, been on here a while, never quite got round to joining in until now. I'm Andy from darkest Leicestershire, currently going bankrupt trying to keep three Martians on the road along with enough 'projects' to last me two lifetimes. Mainly interested in British six wheelers from the 1950's and fine ales from Tesco's
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