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  1. That's great Amsco, thanks! Chris.
  2. Evening all, I'm thinking of taking my Jeep over to Normandy next year (2018) late June/early July and was wondering if anyone has used or, can recommend any secure parking in the Portsmouth area. I would like to trailer the jeep down behind my van, park up the van and trailer and board the ferry in the jeep. Any info would be great. Thanks in advance, Chris.
  3. Looking good Pete, you must have a lot of patience. I bet you're pleased you had that Dodge to practice on.
  4. Looking good Pete. I remember the same problem with the rear spring on my WC-63
  5. Hi all, A friend of mine has just bought a WW2 G 686 K36 2 Ton 2 Wheeled Pole Hauling Trailer. He's hoping to restore it to it's original condition, but has been unable to find the manual he needs. He has managed to get hold of ORD 7-8 G686 Parts list, but there are no diagrams to help him. Has anyone got a manual that may help him, or better still does anyone have, or know someone who has one of theses trailers please? Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated. His name is Pete Mason and his phone number is 07787986891. Or send me a PM and I will pass your phone number on to him
  6. I have just been out to the garage again as I remembered buying a new master cylinder cap about 7 or 8 years ago. After rooting through several boxes I found it and fitted it, topped up the cylinder and there are no problems with fluid leaking out through the vent. I have looked at the vent on the old cap and wondered if it has been the problem, as the plasic cover seems quite loose, I wonder if the fluid has been getting round the back of the seal? I shall of course keep an eye on things and see how it goes. Thanks for all your help, Chris.
  7. Thanks for the replies chaps. Just noticed another thing, the fluid stops coming out the vent when the pedal is pessed a couple of times but then, when left for a minute and pressed again it bubbles out. Is this of any help? Thanks, Chris.
  8. Hi Chaps, I wonder if someone out there can help please. I was checking over the Hotchkiss today, oils, greasing, etc; On checking the brake fluid it was quite low. I topped it up to about 10mm -15mm bellow the top, replaced the cap and pushed down on the brake pedal and fluid leaked out of the breather. I took the cap off and lowered the level replaced the cap and tried again but the same thing happend. I then removed the cap and depressed the pedal again and a small fountain of fluid erupted from the cylinder. Now the qestion is, is it normal for fluid to shoot up into the cylinder, I und
  9. Thanks Howard, PM sent! Cheers, Chris
  10. Yes Emailed Dallas usual good customer service, no reply! Took it to the engineers who want 750 quid to sleeve the holes.
  11. Yeah, I'm taking the Dodge to an engineering firm in Louth tomorrow, (I'm in Boston Lincolnshire) but was asking on here just in case they can't do anything, or if it would work out dearer to get it repaired than to buy new parts. Thanks for your comments though. Any more would be welcome, especially if any one else has encountered this problem. Many thanks, Chris.
  12. Hi there, I have recently stripped the rear axle assembly off my WC63, as it was making some rather disturbing noises. I noticed last Winter time that the ball studs on the torsion bars were loose in there sockets, and had been packed off with washers (long ago). Any way this back end I decided to strip it down and try and sort it out. What's happened is, the studs have been left loose at some time, and have worn the sockets out of shape. Now my questions; Has any one come across this problem before and how did they get over it? Does any one have a spare back Axle, or the part that bo
  13. Hi All, There seems to be a problem with my cab mounting blocks on the WC63 which I own. The bolts which mount the cab mounts to the chassis, seem to have been overtightened, which means that the cab suspesion mechanism doesn't work properly. As a result, everytime the vehicle goes over a bump or hollow, the cab floorplate catches on the driveshaft undenreath and causes a rattling noise. I am led to beleive that each bolt is placed through a mounting block which in turn has some kind of padding underneath. I have searched high and low on the internet for the answer, but to no avail. I
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