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  1. Hi Tim, Steve mentioned you'd posted but it slipped my mind! Unfortunately no progress has been made since the last post. Other things taking priority at the moment but she's not deteriorating so waiting isn't a problem. With any luck we'll make some progress shortly, thanks for following and i will keep you posted! Thanks Nick
  2. The Engine came from the Donor Truck He doesn't seem to keen on that idea FRONT LOCKER COMPLETELY REMOVED THIS AFTERNOON Thanks, Nick
  3. A few bits and bobs done over the festive period:- Non-Original Steel plate on the inside of the side locker removed, to allow for most of the locker to be removed and remade Some of the bolts from the above locker removed Thick weld on the chassis ground off from where the crane was mounted With any luck i should have more updates soon, it seems we have more time to spend on her now! Thanks, Nick
  4. As i can see yours is much further along in the works than the one i am working on! I wish you luck with yours anyway, they are great vehicles to work on, and there aren't many around! Thanks, Nick
  5. Yes we do have a copy thanks, although a PDF copy would be handy. Thats where we've got it from, need a bigger crane though, or a tele-handler, because that one is at full height in all of the pictures
  6. Evening folks, Firstly; Have to apologise as i havent has five minutes to update this thread! Now, the the Pioneer. No progress since the last post, however we have spent many nights with it and have had a tidy up around it! I do have some long awaited pictures of the engine refitting attempt (not successful) After the pictures were taken, we took both front wheels off and lowered her right down, still the engine wont go in, so we have come to the conclusion a taller crane is needed! Also apparently you have to drop the engine when its half in and re-sling it on an angle?
  7. Another update, Attempted to put the engine back in the truck on Sunday (needed a tidy up), but encountered a few problems.... The engine crane wouldn't lift high enough, so we removed the front wheels to lower the truck The flywheel and housing then wouldn't fit past the bulkhead and was hitting on the steering rack So, having removed the flywheel, and half the bolts that hold the housing on we find there's about 10 more bolts holding it on - OPERATION ABANDONED :') (by this time, its the end of the day, and home time) :-D So, we spent bank holiday Monday undoing ev
  8. Just a quick update, brought the injection pump back the other day and removed the radiator (took 3 of us but its done) ! Not much else really, will keep this blog updated though !!
  9. The cab is another scammell cab yes, and its a thornycroft amazon i believe, also under restoration.
  10. If we ever get the truck finished yes! Sorry there hasn't been a post on here lately, we haven't done anything. We took the bonnet off today, and will be removing the radiator during the week (not to hard as it isn't mounted properly, just incredibly heavy !) And that's all for now, we are getting the angle iron measured and ordered so we can start on the other side of the body, and will soon be starting on the cab rebuild! Thanks, Nick
  11. Evening guys, Not alot of progress been made on the Scammell at the moment. We have cut and welded 2 support pieces on the off side where we put a new peace of angle iron. Nothing else to tell really, Progress will be nil until a week on Saturday unfortunately. Next time we're down the radiator and bonnet should be coming off to prep the front of the chassis for painting so the engine can go in, when it's repaired !! Thanks, Nick
  12. Thanks for the reply, i will post pictures at some point its just getting the time to do something on it! Just to point out this truck doesn't belong to me, i am just helping in the restoration of her and keeping the thread updated. Any questions i am happy to answer, but it may take some time as i say because it isn't my truck! Nick
  13. Restoration thread for a 1940s Scammell Pioneer Gun tractor. Here are some pictures: The last photo is when it first arrived, the rest are it's current state. Thanks, Nick
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