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  1. No, repairing the existing. Its a bit thin in places behind the rear floor fold. I've done a couple of repairs, one to go.
  2. I bit the bullet. Getting the correct measurement was hair-raising, as there is little to work on. In the end I did triangulations from the grab-handle bolt hole centres, but even then I had to bridge a fairly wide gap with the mig as a result of the compression/stretching on the damaged rear three quarter. I guess I could have repaired the damaged bit, but I'm short of time. Very happy with this. Test fit; Thanks for the help and tips. Toby
  3. The axe/shovel area will of course be good for another tub, so it will be a perfect case of 'two birds with one stone', but the thought of cutting it is still making me wince.
  4. Hi Richard. I actually have one, the full panel from the middle to the back. The trouble is that it was so expensive, and is so beautiful, that I don't want to cut it!
  5. Driver's side. I'm restoring a jeep that's had a crunch there. From mid-wheel arch to back-panel join. An outsider, I know, but worth a shot.
  6. I've got one. Philippine, 1990s.
  7. I ended up going for an MDJuan piece. You have to completely remove and refabricate the fairly complex inboard profile, as it is nothing like the original. Fortunately I have a good original on an unrestored Jeep that I was able to use as a pattern.
  8. It is for a project that needs to be completed for Normandy. Joe's aren't manufacturing again yet, and all the usual dealers seem to be out of stock. Don't care if it's Ford or Willys, just would prefer not to go MDJ. Good French manufacture would be acceptable too.
  9. Steve, many thanks toby@blackdogwines.co.uk would be grateful.
  10. I have a late Willys ACM1 tub that I am restoring, and it has had the glovebox cut away, so looking for donor parts. If anyone has a scrapper tub, let me know. I don't think it needs to be an ACM1, any MB/GPW tub post slat.
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