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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a ring and .50cal fenlow soft mount for a wmik, Kind regards, Si
  2. Hi, yes, I had, but no luck in getting a reply.
  3. Yes, Ive been in touch. Most are "civillianised" and at the top end of my budget. Thanks for the heads up. Si
  4. Wanted, bedford tm 4x4, good, or fair condition.
  5. Evening all, We are working on restoring our rapier FSB this winter, but are missing a few elements to make a really engaging, and interactive display for the public. A lot of you guys and girls move in similar circles to us, and myself and B ask that you keep your eyes and ears open and let us know if you hear of, or are aware of, any of the above that may be available. 1. The radar tracking trailer. 2. The S.E.Z. (selector engagement zone) 3. The Optical guidance system 4. The pointing stick and tripod Much appreciated, Si The Gulf Collection. Hangar 53 Custom Motorworks
  6. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. regards, Si
  7. Evening all. I’ve started restoration of our newly acquired 434, and I’m going to be after a few bits and pieces. I know who the “go to” guys are for CVRT bits, but have no contacts for 434 parts. can anyone point me in the right direction please? I’m familiar with some of the general surplus dealers, but some of the bits i’m after, will be take-offs, like plates, brackets, the fitters penthouse tent etc. Any help appreciated, Regards, Si Hangar 53
  8. We have one in Suffolk, runs and drives, but needs restoration.
  9. Thanks for the input. A&S make repro's, I can do that as well, I was hoping for some originals, Mr Meads are not cvrt, as pointed out
  10. Looking for a set of 4 cvrt smoke dischargers. If you have any kicking about, drop me a pm please. Thanks
  11. Yes, possibly, not sure what mk mine is though, I ideally need the later 51mm mortar, so would be prepared to sell my 2"
  12. I have a crew tent, excellent condition, all zips perfect, missing the three small poles though. 150.00
  13. Vietnam era M151a1 tax and mot exempt, ready for this seasons shows. Clean and presentable, new clutch fitted, along with rear crank seal, and gearbox output flange seals. It's an uncut example, but does have a few holes and battle scars. Definitely not a clapped out rotbox, and rather hard to find a pre-1960 registered example. £7500 ono and she could be yours.
  14. That sounds great have you got a picture or two, and a price in mind please?
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