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  1. Hi All. Just looking g through some old posts as I have just got a bedford projet. How did the restoration go with this truck
  2. Hi. Thanks for this but unfortunately they are not the same.
  3. Hi Everyone. I am still looking for these. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi I am looking for 6 or 7 good used 750x20 tyres and a 20" wheel to fit a bedford oy. Midlands Area. Many thanks Andy
  5. Hi Keith. Many thanks for the photos. Andy.
  6. Hi Richard. Thanks for your reply. I have not looked on the pasanger side of the chassis. But there is a small tag on the drivers side just behind the cab with the chassis number on it. I have the Bedford at War book and if its a OY the engine and chassis numbers put it at an early 1940. But when looking on the OW page they have the same engine and chassis numbers that would make it a 1945. It is registered as a 1945. This was what is confusing me. Unfortunately I don't have any history or the truck. Thanks Andy
  7. Hi All. A couple of photos, the dash. Painted numbers on the cad engine panel and rear dif. The cad has a plate over what may have been an observation hole. It has a twin wheel rear axle and o ly one fuel tank on the drivers side. Not sure if it's a OY or OW any help would be useful. Thanks.
  8. Hi David. Thanks for that. I have seen war time photos with twin rear wheel axle. I did read that some of the early production had twin wheel rear axle. If its dry on Saturday I will try and take some photos to post on here. Andy.
  9. Hi Baz many thanks for the info. It has the twin wheel rear axle. I have not really looked at it to closely as it arrived in the dark. I have covered it up for. I have a list of jobs to finish on the house before I start on it.
  10. Hi Baz many thanks for your reply. I am new to ww2 vehicles. I have just purchased a Bedford oy Project. The bedford is registered as a 1945. After looking in the Bedfords at war book the chassis and engine numbers put it as a 1940. I am interested to try and find out the history of the vehicle if that's possible. Would the contract number be on a plate somewhere on the vehicle? Thanks Andy
  11. Hi Baz. That puts mine as an early 1940 production. Thanks Andy
  12. Bedford oy drivers side door hinges
  13. Hi ki have an OYD chassis number 25982.
  14. someone anyone ????????????
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