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  1. Wayne try Banisters in the UK. I dealt with them last week a truly class act. If you have the spare parts manual give them the NATO stock numbers for the parts you need. https://www.milweb.net/go/banister/
  2. Thank you for the responses all! This certainly is a well travelled vehicle. I’m a collector of veteran bring back firearms so I enjoy digging deep in individual history. I’ve done quite a bit of servicing/rebuilding so far and it’s running excellent. Can’t drive it yet as the brakes and interior tin work are apart. Then the cosmetics. I was told this is a late night vision driver’s hatch. The big question is what system/periscope would have been fitted to this? A nice relief indicating the bands are in good shape It also has the driver’s leg armor in place. All the pictures I’ve seen have this removed. Would be quite a job as the top part is welded to the hull. Makes access to the brakes and such a bit tricky.
  3. Hell everyone, Just curious how MoD base overhauls were carried out. Were major components evaluated and left in place of deemed serviceable or were overhauled components substituted regardless of condition? I ask because my ferret has been though a very late overhaul with various upgrades such as the alternator conversion and 1985 rebuilt engine but it has a 1970 tag on the transmission which had me wondering. Of course this could have been a new transmission at the time of overhaul. I watched what a depot rebuild entails for helicopters but was curious about AFVs. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone, Im looking for a serviceable or NOS potentiometer for my ferret. Mine has shorted and no longer functional. I would also consider a complete fuel level sender assembly. If anyone has one they’d part with please message me, I’m in the US. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello everyone, I recently acquired 01CA81, a Mk2/3 Ferret. It was sold by Khaki Corps and left outside rather neglected by the PO. It has some late modifications such as the night vision capable driver’s hatch and alternator instead of the 2 speed generator. I am going to repaint it tan/green in its Aden color scheme but had questions regarding tactical markings etc. From the vehicle card I got from Bovington tank museum it saw service with the 14/20 King’s Hussars, 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards and 4th Royal Tank Regiment, all part of the BAOR. Unfortunately the card doesn’t have the info of its service prior to 1969, as I found a picture of it in service in 1967. Questions - If I was to use the tactical markings of the Aden vehicles, what would those be and where would they be located? I have studied pictures but there doesn’t seem to be any standardization. Did I miss anything on the history card that stands out to you? Thanks for looking! Current state after getting it home I believe this is Crater, Aden. I’m not sure if anyone can figure out the unit but maybe someone can. Vehicle history card from Bovington tank museum Engine record card pulled from the little canister by the thermostat housing
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