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  1. So how much life is left in them if off roading?
  2. You have an update on your Saladin?im looking at buying one and was looking at others as how they got on with them I’m in p.a thanks

  3. Any chance you can ship to u.s.a ?
  4. I lost my list of fluids for the cvrt sabre BUT I think it’s 15w 40 for Road wheels , engine , gearbox. But is it also for suspension arms and final drives? Thanks.
  5. If your makin them I’ll be in for one too.
  6. Keep up the good work and thank you.
  7. So due you make any other adaptors for like the oil filters on j60 ?
  8. Well I have to say, very good video. And kudos to you for the development of the adapter. I will help to keep the vehicals running. I’ll be ordering as soon as I verify that’s the one I have in the sabre.
  9. Cool I’ll look it up tonight if I have a chance. Very busy. Got a keep working. Tanks don’t buy them selves
  10. Have part number or place to get it?
  11. Anyone know the civilian part. Numbers for j60 oil filters and sabre fuel filters. Need fuel filters. Thanks
  12. Anyone have a 30 mm rarden case/ brass. Or a resin copy. Need one. Thanks
  13. Anyone have a cut sabre chain gun barrel or a pic of the end that sticks out. Need one or make one.
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