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  1. Nigel had a hart attack Monday night, so mite not answer the phone for a couple of weeks.
  2. Try putting a gallon of paraffin to 8 gallons of petrol. We have done this for years and they run a lot cooler.
  3. Two split rims original £130 each
  4. Looked at the Dennis society site last night and I see some one as put up a link to this add. If it was you thank you.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/boltaction/permalink/1812975185539080/
  6. ammo boxes most ww2 dated and stretcher £50 the lot
  7. six 5.5 boxes £50 the lot.
  8. stumbled across this today. the farmer thinks it is a 1900 Nottingham tram.
  9. Austin tilly parts best offer
  10. Dennnis engine very good condition, best offer to save from the scrap man.
  11. Part of the illuminating apparatus from a 25 pounder. is it for sale?
  12. eBay item number: P&h rear lamp on eBay item No 324309259476
  13. Bought by Martin Wiseman of Condor aviation international LTD near Selby.
  14. Thanks for the reply Oats & Barley You could just hold on to them till I am down that way if you have the room or move them further up north if some one is going that way or help with sending them with a courier. Any help is appreciated. regards mark
  15. Is there any one in the Southend on sea area that could pick up three wooden battery boxes for me, as the seller will not post. thanks mark
  16. Is it only on this colour the aluminium parts?
  17. Hi Bob If it is still available could I take it please. thanks mark G
  18. Withams overflow field, but don't tell anyone.
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