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  1. wie herkend de markering rechts vanboven
  2. Again i need some help for indentification titeld as wehrmacht gepackwagen what i the opinie
  3. where the sold by a auction house can you name the auction house
  4. I would have liked to give an impression of my museum here, Lokers war museum. Unfortunately, due to the well-known pandemic it was closed in February, until who knows when? the museum is located in lokeren, which is for those who would not know in belgium between ghent and antwerp the museum currently has 85 dolls, all of them, or almost with the necessary material. Most, 80 of them from the period of ww2, 5 dolls are dedicated to ww1 this in honor of my grandfather who fought in the trenches for 4 years; I will post some photos, enjoy viewing, all reactions are welcome
  5. I thought maybe after the annexation of austria incorporated into the wehrmacht via this route Too bad because I'r choose files...ve been looking for a horse carriage for my museum for some time now, apparently not easy to find
  6. can enyone tell me off this swiss made carts for the gebirgsjaeger used where by the german forces I no that a small quantety of swiss vechicles where enlisted by the germans
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