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  1. It doesn't seem to be bothered by road conditions ie pot holes and cats eyes don't even notice if you drive over them so I don't think it's suspension. The cab bounces off road but I say vibration as it seems a bit high frequency for bouncing but too low frequency for engine. It isn't felt through the steering and as Paulob1 says once the cab starts bouncing it is definitely an effort to stop your foot bouncing on the accelerator. If I take my foot off the accelerator and put my foot on the brake and slow down then it does kill it for a while which is why I say 'vibration' but it does set up a
  2. I bought a Leyland DAF MMLC a few weeks ago and it is not a pleasant beast to drive! It constantly judders and vibrates, this gets worse under hard acceleration and when applying power up hills. It also seems to be worse when lightly loaded, it settles down a bit when carrying a heavy load. Is this normal? If it were any other vehicle I'd be changing the UJ's in case they were seized or if I was travelling over 45MPH I might think the wheels were well out of balance but the previous owner seems to think this is situation normal for the Drops. It's now making my back ache from tensing up a
  3. I have all (as far as I know) of the AESP's for both MMLC and IMLC and I've done a fair bit of reading but the AESP's refer to the design operation and function, the rumour of a 7th gear was just for delivery and not part of the normal operation of the truck and therefore wouldn't be in the AESPs but would be a manufacturer setting that would have been disabled once the vehicles had completed there long European drive and were delivered to the Army.
  4. The six gears are all there (2nd to 6th in D and 1st in manual) but the rumour about another gear when they were delivered reached me and I just couldn't resist the thought get getting up to 60 on the motorway The idea of a 7th gear for the long road trips and then disabled for it's military service did kind of make sense, it didn't seem so mad but if the experts say it doesn't exist then it must be so....... but that's what they'd say isn't it? It could be a conspiracy!
  5. Oh well, it was a nice thought at the time The six speed box is great for all the tasks required of the drops and I guess long distance motorway work was not in the original design brief but living in Scotland and driving 400 miles South for every event will always leaving clutching at these kind of straws..... Here she is arriving at my place last week.
  6. I've recently bought a 1993 Leyland Daf MMLC and she's a beautiful beast, quite a step up from my Bedford MJ however I was expecting a little better motorway speed. I've heard a rumour that when the drops fleet was first delivered to Germany that there was a 7th gear to enable reasonable delivery times/speed and that once at depots the top gear was immobilised to leave the current performance limited to 45MPH. Does anyone have any positive knowledge as the whether this is just a rumour/urban myth or whether there is a 'hidden' 7th gear on these trucks?
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