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  1. UPDATE: Although some SAS Range Rover's had a MOD VRN listed on their data plate's, they didn't use them, they were actually assigned government/civi number plates that if ran by police would come up with do not approach/pull. The vehicle came with a 1992 Owner's manual which has 9733LCL written on the front page. I used the online DVLA reg check but doesn't bring anything up. Does anyone know if this tally's with any VRN sequence's? Thanks
  2. Tony do you recall the VRN? Any picture would be great. Mine lists 22 SAS as the sole user on the MOD supplied history.
  3. Hi I have recently purchased a ex SAS Range Rover.Does anyone have any photos or more details of this type of vehicle of others that exist?Feel free to contact me via my email if its easier: bingetyler@gmail.comRegardsTyler Binge
  4. Seems odd that they don't reinstate the old hanger that was blown up in the BoB film as that space is not really used, and would fit in with the plan to focus on that part of the site being a wartime area. Plus from my limited understanding as there was previously a building there then planning permission would be less of a challenge.
  5. Managed to carefully strip the paint back on the contract plate to reveal the original finish and the number. The dash plate contract number matches the cargo body. Anyone have details on the contract number or where I could find details? Contract Number: 23.S.9422 Thanks
  6. For Sale Shorland Mk3 77FL08 Truck Armoured Patrol 1TON 4X4 MK3 1972 Ex Northern Ireland. 2 UDR most of its life 2.6ltr straight 6 Demobbed in 1987, Purchased in 2005 as a project, done some work but moving it on as too many projects. Chassis requires a replacement rear cross member, bulkhead is sound bar the lower edge of the passengers foot well (see photos), comes with new replacement new cross member and footwell Comes with multiple new items such as 4x new 900x16 tyres, NOS Periscope/sight etc Comes with 2 sets of smoke dischargers, 30.cal turret mount Heritage certificate B Card history Manuals and handbooks Price based on previous Shorland sales but open to offers £8500ono Cambridgeshire 07817582669 bingetyler@gmail.com https://youtu.be/yujA93pfYYQ https://www.facebook.com/tyler.binge.7/media_set?set=a.591716321032314&type=1 Feel free to share this
  7. Thanks for that. Do you know what would the rear light setup/type have been?
  8. Hi can anyone tell me what rear light setup/types would have been fitted to a 1945 Bedford OYD? As all have been replaced with much more modern stuff?
  9. How would I book on this as I can't find it on the MVT site? Thanks
  10. I voted for 10.50 x 16, but would also be after 9.00 x 13 for the Beaverette.
  11. Thanks Richard, I'll post here as well for those that dont use MLU. From what I've found online which in mainly the Wikipedia page being re-quoted they made LWB 60cwt OYC and OYD & the SWB 30cwt versions were designated OX Is it known how many OYD/OYD GS were produced? Is it possible to tell which contract this was part of?
  12. I am looking at buying a Bedford OY/D and I was wondering if any one could tell me when it was built and if its a OY or a OYD. Do records exist? Thanks Tyler
  13. Looking for transport of a 3ton Bedford OY from Dalkeith just south of Edinburgh to Offord Darcy Cambridgeshire. It would be ready to transport from the 21st of April. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Tyler
  14. Baz do you have any more pics/info on Duxfords one eg where and when it was recovered? I know Cyril G, Groombridge was mentioned as owning it in 1971 in Wheels & Tracks but thats about all. I had vaguely heard it had been found cut down and then rebuilt but I didn't realize that cut down example you pictured was the same example as Cyril's/Duxfords. Whilst gaining information for mine I am also trying to gain and note down as much info as possible on the other current survivors . As some old documents that came with mine list other examples that may be still in existence. which then means I can pass that on to the present keepers Keith Nice photo and a camo scheme I've not seen before, although I'm sure I've seen this photo elsewhere with other photos of the same vehicle, do you have any more? Baz Out of interest what is the Chilwell list? Also do you have a copy of the Chilwell list?
  15. I had found those but they are not view-able along with most of there Beaverette related items, so I had already contacted them hoping they would fix the website issues so they would become viewable, but no luck so far. The Standard Motor Club forum seems more based towards the civi side of things and rather quite, although I have posted this there to cover all bases. From my research this is a previously unknown example, there are 10 survivors that I am aware of at present, including my example. My one has been in use since the end of the war, including having been road registered since at least 1963. unfortunately no military history but the paperwork history that it came with stretches 40 years and is very detailed indeed, so it has plenty of provenance. There is plenty of work to be done as it was use on a private estate for the estate owners own quadbike come run around as such, this can be seen in the ebay listing and pics, but its all part of the fun. The only remains of the armored body is the front glacis plate, 18" / foot wells of the bulkhead and the lower sills, the rest is Kaput. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1943-STANDARD-TRIUMPH-BEAVERETTE-EX-ARMOURED-CAR-VERY-RARE-RUNS-amp-DRIVES-LOOK-/201991551646?nma=true&si=Pxp8K33X%2BmXQTsfde5UsehZCvho%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  16. Hi I have had a great interest in these vehicle for many years and had done quite a bit of research already, I had considered building a replica of a Beaverette but other projects got in the way. I was then fortunate enough to come across one available for the 1st time in 20+ years so snapped it up. So as the dream is now a reality I now need to crack on, hence my post on here. Does anyone have any photo's, information, manuals, parts suppliers, links to suppliers/sources of information etc, or parts relevant to Beaverette's as I now have one which I am in the process of restoring. Also manuals, parts supplies, or parts relevant to standard 12/14 and that were used on Beaverette's. Thanks Tyler.
  17. Hi Could anyone clear something up for me. Post 1997 standard car Licence 1954 Daimler Ferret Mk1 which weighs around 3.7ton As it stands is it legal to drive the Ferret on this licence? Also any other potential issues/pitfalls? Many Thanks.
  18. Stoke Rochford Charity Land Rover Run 2017 The run is short on the number of participants for this years event please feel free to share and join in closing date is the 18th of September and if numbers don't reach the threshold then the event will be pulled and the charity wont benefit. Took the WMIK last year, nice ride out and the PWG Course was nice. From another group feel free to share: Stoke Rochford Charity Land Rover Run Stoke Rochford is south of Grantham in Lincolnshire The next Land Rover event is planned for 23rd September 2017. Please support us again. Every single penny you pay will go directly to the charity, which is again in aid of ABF The Soliders' Charity, helping serving and ex soldiers and their families in times of need. We are all volunteers and provide the refreshments out of our own pockets. Please tell anyone else you know who may be interested, thank you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1158718587500913/permalink/1508482185857883/?comment_id=1508654612507307&reply_comment_id=1508656299173805&notif_t=group_comment_reply&notif_id=1505225931092543 Location Map.pdf Land Rover Run Entry Form 2017.pdf
  19. These are suitable with or without tubes: £135.60 inc VAT and next day delivery. 260/90-13 (9.00-13) 10PR TRELLEBORG AF302 TL https://www.bigtyres.co.uk/260-90-13...-af302-tl.html
  20. This doesn't cover the price issues but I think its relevant as only one or two have touched on this aspect. I personally got into the hobby through a combination of airfix, war movies and the tipping point was asking if it was ok to sit in a family friend Jeep to have my photo taken, and then hitching a ride to shows with said family friend in his Jeep. From there the rest is history. I personally let adults and children onto the WMIK and Snatch at every opportunity be that in a carpark shopping or at work or at the 40+ shows that I do each year (under supervision of myself and the accompanying adult and with a H&S notice at shows). Some shows the WMIK etc can have easily over 100+ people sit in it throughout the coarse of a day. My Footman James insurance covers me for upto £25,000,000, I pay the premium so why sit there with the doors shut and roped off paying a premium on a policy that I am not getting the full use of. Whilst I sit there watching potential newcomers/lifeblood to the hobby walk past unstimulated buy the touch, smell and experience of the vehicle. That is not to say I/you take a who cares approach, but you risk asses just like you do in every aspect of life and mitigate the risk appropriately. My cover is there as a safety net I don't intend for it to be used. I also think that allowing people to experience these vehicles benefits other aspects of the hobby and society in that they see and feel what people who have served and sacrificed have had to put up with and work in. I fully understand that some vehicles are to frail and unsafe to allow this type of interaction but equally if that is the case then there is nothing to stop owners from being proactive by speaking to people, firing the engine up etc and offering a ride round the arena if there's a spare seat or they see a interested party or a spark or interest waiting to be ignited. If due to my approach 1 person shows a interest or gets into the hobby be that as a owner or helper etc then I would be happy to know I've helped this hobby.
  21. snatch34kk75 do you still have your Snatch (34kk75)? Thanks Tyler
  22. tyler


    Try Chris Hobbs on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Geartechcustompaint/ thats where I got my airsoft version for £425 posted. Its a m240b but only a few visual differences which can be sorted by fitting genuine GPMG parts. So much better than any replica version you can buy, plus if you ever sell it you have a wider market to sell it into. Hope this helps. Tyler
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