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  1. It in Japan, hence 'Japanese collector'
  2. It seems a Japanese collector has got a hold of a Morris CS8- anybody happen to know who owned it?
  3. I believe the owner is still fighting the case in court. The tank is stored within some German barracks.
  4. Those belong to the Weald Foundation. They are heading off to Bovington to be displayed at Tankfest.
  5. http://sw.co.uk/auctions/current/private-collection-of-wheeled-and-tracked-military-vehicles-525/by,ordering?onlylive=true
  6. Whatever happened to the Beaverette Armoured Car Mk IV that used to reside in the museum. Is anyone aware of its whereabouts?
  7. What has happened with this Covenanter dig? I am surprised this thread has not been looked at in a while.
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