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E-petition for annual safety inspection of pre-1960s vehicles

MOT Exemption for Pre1960's Vehicles Good or Bad Policy?  

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  1. 1. MOT Exemption for Pre1960's Vehicles Good or Bad Policy?

    • I am For the Pre 1960's MOT Exemption & I will NOT be signing the E-Petition
    • I against the Pre 1960's MOT Exemption & I Will be signing the E-Petition

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This is a fantastic thread and I really appreciate what Richard says here. I would think myself entirely unworthy of any kind of self checking and would rely on someone with experience. I could almost see a form of a co-operative building from this suggestion and it would pay the recognised MV/other classic "governing" bodies to consider sharing the idea. Responsibility can be shared provided the owner has the nous to use it in the first place. I have a 71 MV which has to have an MOT. The idea of it not having one maybe distant in reality, but remains nonsensical in principle. Cheers, Richard!





Hi mate,


You have some good points here, especially the last one. Instead of people coming up with negative posts, it would be a good idea to work out a way of vehicles being checked if the owners feel they are not experienced enough to do it themselves. The announcement of the tests not being required after November, did point out the voluntary tests could still be had. We should be educating owners to make sure they have their vehicles checked by competant persons on a regular basis, but without the beaurocracy.

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