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Water can for the Browning M1917A1 Water Cooled M.G.

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Hi to all!


I would like to receive info on the water can for the M1917A1 Water Cooled machine gun. This machine gun was mounted on the jeeps and I wonder what did happen to the water can: I cannot believe that it was just lying on the jeep floor rocking/rattling all around!!

I suppose the can was fixed/attached somewhere on the jeep floor, but where and how? I have books on the jeep but I have not seen any photo showing it.

I also need the original ammo can to be attached to the D7431 MG jeep mount: where can I get one by mail?

Thank you for any help!



1943 GPW Jeep

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Its just my guess, but I would expect that when the 1917A1 was used, the cork would be fitted to the steam outlet, and that the water in the jacket would just vent off, and if more water was required, fresh water would be poured in. My reasoning is that I doubt they would be continuously firing for long enough to burn all the water off, and that scalding hot water is somthing you dont want splashing around a jeep. The water chest for the 1917 has a big cap which is removed and the hose placed inside it, the water would soon be thrown clear if the Jeep was moving.



Do you have any photos of 1917s on Jeeps? They cant have been in use for long as the 1919A4 must have taken over very quickly.

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