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Glover Webb APV Land Rover

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Hi all,


New to the forum! I am particularly interested in the various versions of Armoured Land Rovers used by the British Army in Northern Ireland from the 80's till the mid 90's. I am fairly familiar with the SNATCH, as I used to drive one whilst based over there:D.


The variant I am most interested in is the Glover Webb APV 110 Land Rover. I have searched the web, but have not managed to find much on them. I can recall that there was one parked gathering dust in one of the hangers on the camp I was based at until about 2006, and was then taken away one night on a low loader.


So is there any of you knowledgable people out there able to assist in my quest for info on the Glover Webb APV 110? Pictures would also be appreciated!





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