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  1. Just to clarify a living van is different to a motor caravan. A living van carries goods.
  2. Hello, I have just searched for- onan 6.0 the xmod in google images first picture is one thy sold in a trailer. hope this helps.
  3. onan 6jb 6.0 kva. probably 24v saarting.
  4. It will be from declared date of manufacture.
  5. Go to the post office with your v5 .Tel them you would like to tax your vehicle and change the category to historic. They will the check on there data base. If historic is available on there system they can tax it for for 12 months f.o.c and send your v5 off toDVLA f.o.c and it will come back at the DVLAs convenience.
  6. I think this may be the larger 6,5 KVA with a normal starter motor.
  7. Hello the ballast resister on my 12 volt 101 is on the near side of the engine bay adjacent to the coil and a pain to see/replace. Regards Frank.
  8. Squeeze the pins together push on then ry to pull off, may work as they are under tension.
  9. Hi, Just to check the idea of vaseline is the lower melting point so as not to block oil ways next time it is started from cold. The liquid grease you are using do you no the melting point?
  10. ok 5 weeks is quite a long time, any oil in the pump will have drained away and now cannot draw up fresh. I would pack the oil pump with vaseline and start again. Or when I collected a 101 that had been standing for 5 years I cheated and over filled the sump by 5 litres to bring the level above the pump to prime it, then drained out the oil to the correct level,
  11. Hi, How long did you leave the engine without oil? The Rover v8 has a problem if you drain the oil the pump looses oil and you have to pack the pump with vasaline to pick up the oil again. Regards Frank.
  12. Hi, To all. Just returned from 8 days at the show absolutely lovely. And to top it all I came home to a new log book for the Daf T244,now for some number plates.
  13. Hi. Having problems with Bedford engines in the past, having purchased an RL Recovery that had been off the road for many years, it too back fired and would not run correctly. The remedy to this was setting the points correctly, which took some time to perfect. Once set, it has run perfectly since. The other problem you may find, as it is running fine at idle, is the accelerator pump may be stuck in the carburettor body, which will give you a backfire when you try to accelerate the engine. This can be freed up by removing the carburettor and gently warming with hot water or hot air until
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