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  1. Britain was then fundamentally self - sufficient for vehicle manufacture. One issue was the mechanicals were essentially still the same as 10+ years earlier. There was too little investment private or public in development and modernisation of production. Demand fell away in favour of imports that made the UK products look outdated. Further basic Japanese cars like the Datsun Cherry 100A had reliability and build consistency that was in a different league from anything British.
  2. Try a VPN with UK option - doesn't always work depending on implementation. Although I am in the UK anyway Hoxx add-on for Firefox works so SetupVPN and Browsec may well work too. I wouldn't really trust them for anything critical in terms of security but fine for this and stopping your ISP knowing every website you visit.
  3. I know zilch about Arduinos and my limited programming experience is now very rusty. However 30 ish years ago I took a different approach. The voltage output of the SGA was the input to a voltage to frequency converter. The range I recall was around 3 - 8 kHz. This was then transmitted via a radio transmitter - receiver pair on ( I think ) 418MHz. The receiver was connected to a frequency to voltage converter then displayed on a volt meter. Now with a suitable interface the frequency could be displayed and recorded with a computer.
  4. I will be surprised if any planned events can go ahead before at least July. If you can't get your vehicles out for a run occasionally to use up the fresh petrol it will have deteriorated.
  5. Battery powered cars can meet the needs of the private market despite having to stop and wait for a recharge on long journeys so long as the charging infrastructure and generation capacity is in place. I believe adequate infrastructure and charging points could be in place within 15 years followed by further expansion over the next 10 years if the investment is forthcoming. I am very doubtful though about adequate generation capacity for either electricity or hydrogen. However can either battery or hydrogen power meet the needs of the military and emergency services as a replacement for diesel? Battery has two fundamental issues - how to charge in the middle of nowhere, having a diesel or hydrogen driven generator is pointless. - the time to charge. Hydrogen can be transported but the volume is greater but at least for the military there is the safety issue .... any strike and bang ! Further it is only greener if it the production is significantly more environmentally friendly than diesel. Hence I see a limited demand for diesel way beyond even 2050 just like for coal today. The initial extraction and refinement both rely on high volumes to justify the plant costs plus a demand for all the components of refining. If by 2050 petrol cars are out of everyday use there will be no demand for the petrol beyound hobby / histroric use. Given now the majority of petrol and diesel bought by the general public is at supermarkets actually buying available fuel is a potential issue. The supermarkets will close their fillings points as too low a return. Will even one of the current filling station and convenience store sites in medium and large towns still be viable. It could actually be some rural sites that turn out to be more viable due to local demand because battery or hydrogen power is less suitable for commercial requirements. Hence the current commercial and military needs may well ensure supplies are available albeit at a high price. Unlikely but the overall price could of course be reduced by a big cut in duty and tax.
  6. Looks good to me, better than I would have done. Metal loaded epoxy a good idea too as both it runs better and is more robust than Plastic Padding type fillers yet soon goes hard enough to handle. You ought to be able to form and glue a rib on to mate with the largest keyway to prevent reverse insertion.
  7. As a stop-gap if you can find a couple of contact sockets that fit the pins you could solder wires to them then mould around with araldite, plastic padding or similar. By coating the chassis part with silicon grease / lubricant first it will, or at least should !, not stick to the body. Then should you source a connector nothing has been damaged.
  8. The French have already acquired more than enough of the traditional UK motor industry already first what once was Hillman, Humber, Commer etc then recently Vauxhall. As to JLR back in time the Land Rover was the work horse vehicle and when introduced the Range Rover for the country gentleman and lady. For economy of scale logical to have within reason a common mechanical platform but with the focus on a work horse vehicle at a competitive price for both the retail and military markets. The low sales of the old Defender are quoted but how price competitive was it?
  9. Your DBG cab paint really does look good. Having to do it outside too - you were so lucky with both the weather and not being disturbed until touch / debris proof dry.
  10. While is is clear you enjoy the restoration and equally your complete vehicles don't want to be used too often perhaps you should enjoy the end result of your labour a little more often ?
  11. I did too not least it was one of the cheaper models. Most iconic to me though was the DUKW. Occasionally we went past MOD Ashchurch where in the 70's if not later some were outside and visible. In the same era was the one, or were there more?, at Eastbourne.
  12. You must be pleased with that run after so much work to get this far.
  13. Blimey I didn't think anything could be that bad. I don't suppose you noticed if they were marked as type approved, although if they were was any testing actually done ? I recall a test comparing Chinese etc tyres to a premium brand. At just 30mph there was a significant shortfall in the stopping distance. Wanli was one of the worst. At the time National Tyres supplied these as their budget range.
  14. I wonder how the degradation of cheap Chinese etc ' Ditchfinders ' compares to the major brands and their second line brands often made in the same plants. Equally for the vehicles listed when in regular use even on trailers do tyres normally last 10 years ? Someone I used to work with had both tyres of their caravan blow on the motorway during the same ~ 150 mile trip. While outside this consultation for cars the issue is spacesavers spares as they can not be used like years ago when normal practice was as the first pair needed replacing just a matching tyre to the spare purchased and the best old tyre kept as the spare then the spare replaced with a newer tyre each time a pair was purchased. For vehicles discussed here if applied it will be hard given both the cost and availability of a new set of tyres.
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