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  1. david1212

    BA-64 REproduction

  2. david1212

    My 2018 Season In Pictures

    I do too along with your reports / reviews after each event.
  3. david1212

    Seeking Peerless truck experts

    OT but I am impressed with the load pulled by the rail wheeled Land Rover. I would have expected traction / adhesion to be a limitation. While a narrow contact area I would have expected those with road wheels and tyres plus guide wheels to have better traction.
  4. david1212

    My Flying Control Jeep

    Given the temperature the resistance wire will melt at I doubt a 10degC rise ambient temperature would have been significant. The combination of higher voltage plus the running time is far more likely. As to the RAC I wonder how often they deal with vehicles with traditional ignition and so don't think to check for what were once common failures.
  5. Say 'Holocaust' alone to most people and the majority response would be to link it to the Nazi concentration camps. However you proposed 'Nuclear Holocaust'. Nagasaka and Hiroshima are the only two nuclear bombs dropped in warfare hence the potential link. While clarified by ' a history of the cold war period ' some might misinterpret that or have already stopped reading. I think your choice of 'Iron Curtain Museum...A History of life during the Cold War' is good.
  6. Like others I think including ' Holocaust ' in the name will be off putting to potential visitors. Might some think of the exhibits predominantly being linked to Japan 1945 ? Something like ( British ) Museum of the Cold War would be both more appropriate and not put off the general public.
  7. david1212

    Vehicle Batteries

    DRAPER BATTERY MASTER 12V TRICKLE/MAINTENANCE CHARGER - 22685 i.e. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Draper-Automotive-Battery-Master-Charger/202180474776 Is very low output hence unlikely to to damage but will take for ever to put in enough charge for a start into a near flat battery. To bring a battery up overnight needs at least a 4Amp charger, 6Amp or 8Amp will be quicker. From time to time Aldi / Lidl have them for £15 or so. A Draper 6amp charger https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Draper-6A-Intelligent-Battery-Charger-Garage-Car-Workshop-6-12V-38254/122349508506
  8. david1212

    GMC CCKW hardcab door locks

    There are very few key variants for these so not very secure. If an intruder was defeated on their first attempt as not expecting this type they could return prepared.
  9. david1212

    Vehicle Batteries

    A booster is intended for very occasional use. When actually starting it will share the load but during the time between connecting and starting it will be charging the battery very fast. Since you will be planning to go out after not using the vehicle, rather than the AA/RAC call out situation of either that battery very low because of something left on or the battery failing, put the battery on a gentle charge with good modern charger intended for regular cyclic use for a few hours before. With no drain a battery will loose little charge over a month. For modern vehicles the loss is the alarm etc permanently connected as much as the self discharge. Also while a cold battery can deliver less power also the self discharge is less.
  10. david1212

    Vehicle Batteries

    One potential issue is that typical battery chargers of years ago were not regulated nor intended as the main source for charging. This could result in the battery being overcharged. Another issue that will shorten the life is regular very fast charging from units intended simply to get the vehicle started quickly. With modern electronic chargers neither should cause a long term problem. Batteries do like to be used and will deteriorate left in a state of low charge.
  11. david1212

    WW1 Dennis truck find

    I have just read this post http://photobucket.com/p500/?hotlinkfix=1516928810657 $99 is of course rather more than £18, and the £-$ rate has improved, but equally rather better than £350.
  12. david1212

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    I'm pleased to read you have found a suitable replacement within the budget. However reading that the fact your Range Rover had a Vogue interior but that this was not allowed to be relevant is 100% wrong. They know they have you ' over a barrel ' because you need transport. You should be able to receive an interim payment and still be able to negotiate on the value of the vehicle written off.
  13. david1212

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    My insurance tried to fob me off by stating that a similar case had been settled 50/50. I wasn't falling for that. To tell you how they will settle the case is simply wrong. To a point I understand their position of not knowing what really happened just from the reports by those involved when no witnesses but they should also be able to draw on analyzing the damage and the location. My case was clearer in that I was on the road approaching a traffic light controlled junction in the outer lane that was clear up when the other vehicle emerged through a gap in the queuing inner lane. As I said to the copper ' I was so close I don't know if he hit me or I hit the brake pedal first ' . As to the car value I had bought 4 tyres just weeks earlier and had a full tank of petrol. Out of ' good will ' they added less than half of the cost to their offer. On a car worth, and of course insured for, around £3000 I was easily £250 out of pocket. Eventually when I would not give in the solicitors representing me through the legal expenses put a summons to court. The other party insurers then gave in paying out to my insurers, I had received the payment for my car less the excess from my insurers within a month if not sooner, paying the excess to me and an award for expenses. The latter at least covered the difference between what I received for my car and what it was worth. My insurers then re-instated my no claims in full. It was protected I recall 2 claims in 5 years so no actual policy increase. In between my renewal was due and effectively I could not change company since at that point the claim showed as 50/50. Ultimately the winners of course were the two solicitors. Had the other insurers accepted their customer was to blame and paid out in full right away solicitors need not have been involved at all.
  14. david1212

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    I feel for you. I've played this game and it is hard work. It should not be. To the individual(s) dealing with the case 50/50 is the easy / least work option and overall corporately the lowest cost. It is wrong but almost inevitably you will not get a payout to buy like-for-like privately let alone from the trade. Did you have legal expenses protection? If so through that you should be able to claim your excess. Beware of two other potential factors - First once your car is written off if you had cover to drive other vehicles that is lost as the policy becomes suspended until you transfer it to a replacement vehicle. Second if not settled with no blame to you it will affect both your no claims discount and the base price of your policy come renewal date.
  15. david1212

    New Format

    I tried to edit the second entry to the text below but on clicking Save it changed to Saving but the edit was never saved - a gremlin to be investigated? On my screen the first reply did not appear to be accepted hence I tried again. My screen did not change. I pressed F5 to reload / refresh the page and found two posts. Hence I have edited the second to this. Generally needing to use F5 may be a gremlin to be investigated and resolved.