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  1. Stanley01

    Coker 10.50x16 track grip tyres

    Extract from Bedford MW drivers handbook.
  2. Stanley01

    FV432 driving on street query

    I’ve come into this topic a bit late, but here’s my thoughts as a person who used to agree to dropped kerb applications for a local authority.... Be honest up front, a track-laying vehicle is fine provided it is road legal. If the jobs done correctly the neighbours can’t complain! Planning application normally only required if you are on a classified road. It’s not just a dropped kerb you get for your money, it’s also extra protection to the numerous utilities that lie just below the footway. You will definitely need the highway authority, or it’s approved contractor to carry out the work, due to public liability insurance reasons ( usually a figure of £5m) . This won’t be cheap and at the end of the day you won’t end up "owning" the section of altered footway, it’s still the highway authority's. One advantage of doing the job correctly is that the dropped kerb "protects" your right of access to your land and any vehicle parking across it is causing a legal obstruction. Good Luck.....
  3. Stanley01

    wanted beford truck manual

    Sold now thanks.
  4. Stanley01

    wanted beford truck manual

    Jim, I have an original copy of the one for sale on eBay - a left over from my MWD days. It's complete but has a cellophane cover on it. If you're interested please PM me. Tom
  5. Stanley01

    chieftain, is it multifuel.

    I remember being told many years ago by a Chieftain driver that they ran best on brake fluid!
  6. Stanley01

    Spotted today....

    Possibly going to Croft Nostalgia Weekend , just to the south of Darlington. The Sentinel is local to Durham.
  7. In good working order ready to use or show. Ongoing photographic history restoration over a period of 30 years. The vehicle comes with hard to find equipment such as ground anchors, counter-balance weights, gun planks, jack and working winch. Six good tyres and cab canvas. Also included in the sale is a spare gearbox, differential unit, radiator and brake equipment. Location northern England. £18,250 Please PM me for further information.
  8. Stanley01


    I bought my first jeep in 1971 and various other vehicles have been and gone in the intervening years. Don't currently have a military vehicle (and unlikely to do so again) but still interested in the scene.