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  1. wanted beford truck manual

    Sold now thanks.
  2. wanted beford truck manual

    Jim, I have an original copy of the one for sale on eBay - a left over from my MWD days. It's complete but has a cellophane cover on it. If you're interested please PM me. Tom
  3. chieftain, is it multifuel.

    I remember being told many years ago by a Chieftain driver that they ran best on brake fluid!
  4. Spotted today....

    Possibly going to Croft Nostalgia Weekend , just to the south of Darlington. The Sentinel is local to Durham.
  5. In good working order ready to use or show. Ongoing photographic history restoration over a period of 30 years. The vehicle comes with hard to find equipment such as ground anchors, counter-balance weights, gun planks, jack and working winch. Six good tyres and cab canvas. Also included in the sale is a spare gearbox, differential unit, radiator and brake equipment. Location northern England. £18,250 Please PM me for further information.
  6. Hello....

    I bought my first jeep in 1971 and various other vehicles have been and gone in the intervening years. Don't currently have a military vehicle (and unlikely to do so again) but still interested in the scene.