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    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    Solex letter codes Définition des lettres servant à désigner le type de carburateur et gicleur Solex A Starter 2 positions Ga Gicleur d'air AT Thermostarter progressif Gs Gicleur d'essence (starter) B Bistarter u calibreur d'air C Corps-cuve a Ajutage d'automacité D Carburateur cuve droite Gp Gicleur de pompe G Carburateur cuve gauche Gu Gicleur d'utilisation H Carburateur horizontal I Injecteur de pompe I Carburateur inversé H Injecteur de pompe haut L Corps renforcé B Injecteur de pompe bas P Pompe de reprise s Tube d'émulsion R Régulateur F Flotteur RR Régulateur à vitesse variable S starter T Thermostarter V Carburateur vertical X Carburateur à gaz K Buse/choke tube G Gicleur principal/main jet g Ralenti/auxiliary
  2. Citroman

    Blinged Ferret Again

    Something for the fairground...
  3. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Here the Michelin truck wheel mentioned earlier found at my uncle's attick in France.
  4. Citroman

    Crossley IGL 3

    I think you will have to set the mag timing a few degrees before TDC. Good luck.
  5. Citroman

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    This nice pic turned up on the Citroen truck forum. The british tank with german crosses on it. The french did paint the protruding edges of the wreck white for "road security" 😉 The strange thing is that seen the after 1935 traction this wreck must have been laying there for a while.
  6. Citroman

    FWD gets new shoes

    nice job
  7. Citroman

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    german convoy bombed...and transformed in a grave monument.
  8. Citroman

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    For brass cleaning i had good results with vinigar with a few spoons of salt in it. You see it eating away the green oxydation.
  9. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    It's why they have double tyres in the rear to carry the extra load. These were car chassis in the beginning not trucks.
  10. Citroman

    French Magneto

    Can we see the other sides too?
  11. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Studs distances are measured diagonally normally center to center holes.
  12. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Here an Michelin ad from 1918
  13. Citroman

    Steve McQueen's 1945 Willys Jeep MB

    And it has only 2 cylinders??? Did they put an 2cv engine in?
  14. Citroman

    Panhard V6

    The watercooled v6 was of peugeot origine if i am correct.
  15. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Nice beast, front wheels look like Michelins that were used on the Citroen U23 trucks.
  16. Citroman

    Steel trailer mudguards wanted

    Maybe they have other sizes as they are making them?
  17. Citroman

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    Brush Fertan on the rusty steel after a light steel brushing. Wet it an hour later and than 24 hours later You can wash all rubish off and you aready for priming and painting. Have got good results with that but you have to stick to the instructions they give. The stuff isn't very agressive.
  18. Citroman

    FWD gets new shoes

    Will the blasting not have left sand between the spring leafs?
  19. Citroman

    Dodge T110L

    Yes a marvellous job.
  20. Citroman

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Carriers delivered by train...☺️
  21. Citroman

    Cock-up on the clothing front.

    Well it's organized by the dutch government, what would you expect....🥌
  22. Citroman

    Dodge T110L

    Well how is warranty 😉 Nice beast though, good luck in bringing it back to life.
  23. You forget the dutch cabins, so one more to ad...
  24. https://www.postwarclassic.com/238373-rolls-royce-rover-engine-s-and-parts-for-centurion-tank
  25. Citroman

    Unimog 404 for parts

    Have seen worse examples...😉