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    Panther found in Ukraine?

    This an free classified ad site from ebay. Only available in Germany as far as a know. For the ad i can't garantee if i's real or fake.
  2. Citroman

    AMGC M49A2C Fuel Tanker

    You can try here http://www.dvandam.nl/
  3. Citroman

    Tanks being stored

    A friend of mine went to a French army depot in the 1980s. They were still filled with shermans and other ww2 stuff.
  4. Citroman

    1914 Dennis Lorry

    Nice one, also the size is practical 😉
  5. Citroman

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    This look similar https://prestonservices.co.uk/item/torpedo-steam-engine/
  6. Citroman

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Didn't torpedos run on compressed air? Later ones were electric i think.
  7. Citroman

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    It's nice to see these moulds made. We had some in the museum collection. I have a huge transmission bearing completely made in wood even the screws. It was painted to look like cast iron.
  8. Citroman

    Straightening out bend in cast alluminium

    A car restorer from a firm that makes aluminium bodies once told me a trick to form aluminium. That was clean it up first to bare. Then trace some lines on it with a bar of soap. Then slowly heating it with a torch from the other side till the soap lines get black. Then the aluminium is softened up enough to form. I don't know if this also works for cast aluminium. Good luck.
  9. Citroman

    1941 Royal Enfield WD/C

    Look at autosparks.co.uk they have lots of electrical materials
  10. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    They are to small, michelin truck wheels always have 6 holes.. Not expensive though 😉
  11. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Sorry to tell you. Wheel is not longer there, sold to an owner of an little UNIC truck which seems to the same wheels.
  12. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    I sold it to a friend, will ask if he still has it.
  13. Citroman

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    You have to wind it up again...😉
  14. Citroman

    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    Solex letter codes Définition des lettres servant à désigner le type de carburateur et gicleur Solex A Starter 2 positions Ga Gicleur d'air AT Thermostarter progressif Gs Gicleur d'essence (starter) B Bistarter u calibreur d'air C Corps-cuve a Ajutage d'automacité D Carburateur cuve droite Gp Gicleur de pompe G Carburateur cuve gauche Gu Gicleur d'utilisation H Carburateur horizontal I Injecteur de pompe I Carburateur inversé H Injecteur de pompe haut L Corps renforcé B Injecteur de pompe bas P Pompe de reprise s Tube d'émulsion R Régulateur F Flotteur RR Régulateur à vitesse variable S starter T Thermostarter V Carburateur vertical X Carburateur à gaz K Buse/choke tube G Gicleur principal/main jet g Ralenti/auxiliary
  15. Citroman

    Blinged Ferret Again

    Something for the fairground...
  16. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Here the Michelin truck wheel mentioned earlier found at my uncle's attick in France.
  17. Citroman

    Crossley IGL 3

    I think you will have to set the mag timing a few degrees before TDC. Good luck.
  18. Citroman

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    This nice pic turned up on the Citroen truck forum. The british tank with german crosses on it. The french did paint the protruding edges of the wreck white for "road security" 😉 The strange thing is that seen the after 1935 traction this wreck must have been laying there for a while.
  19. Citroman

    FWD gets new shoes

    nice job
  20. Citroman

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    german convoy bombed...and transformed in a grave monument.
  21. Citroman

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    For brass cleaning i had good results with vinigar with a few spoons of salt in it. You see it eating away the green oxydation.
  22. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    It's why they have double tyres in the rear to carry the extra load. These were car chassis in the beginning not trucks.
  23. Citroman

    French Magneto

    Can we see the other sides too?
  24. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Studs distances are measured diagonally normally center to center holes.
  25. Citroman

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Here an Michelin ad from 1918