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  1. Overhere at the coalmine they made bicycle tires from gas hoses during the war as no new tires were available. They coupled the hoses together with a piece of wood in the hose that they fixed with 2 little bolts throug it sideways. Needles to say they weren't a comfortable ride but then it was better than on bare rims. 😉
  2. Must very rare to have one in the netherlands. Interesting machines. Don't know what happend to it, maybe it dissapeared in the war. All pictures were from 1938/39.
  3. Did find something very similar, long nose, four wheel drive with the same type of axles, headlamps on the cab...an american Walter truck. Only this is a bit older with massive tires. And a more recent one with the same shape of radiator and rounded chassis underside, what do you think of this
  4. The truck was owned by a scrapdealer, so maybe there was something bolted together. Normally the shape of hubs and wheels are good indication for a maker, but i didn't find anything similar yet.
  5. It's a DIFFicult one this ...
  6. Did find two more pictures of the vehicle. It's repainted on the last one. But rather small pictures too.
  7. Isn't this the driveshaft?
  8. This 4x4 tractor was in use in the south of our country before 1940. Anyone has an idea about the make? Yes it is written on the radiator but the resolution of the pic is to low to read it. A Latil was aready ruled out by a french truck forum. So what could it be? Ex- military? In the Netherlands there were a lot of US vehicles in use but it might also be a french or belgian make as the border is very close. It was used for towing heavy loads.
  9. It's incredible to see the condition of these parts. We had 3 hour fight today with the U-joint of a 50 year old Volvo just to take it apart.... 😉
  10. Nice one, good luck with the rebuild.
  11. Looks nice, never seen those before. Is it heavy?
  12. Here in the region they did replace a restored german gun back on it's "pedestal".
  13. I have seen rubbers being vulcanized on the metal rims later. But i don't know how these were made.
  14. the rims are heated and then put over the wooden wheels they shrink then on them when they cool down.
  15. With the curve in the rail, isn't it deformed verticaly? (The U opening up a bit). You might be able to press it together a bit from top and bottom.
  16. 😄 you can always dug out the floor...
  17. Garage has to be made higher?
  18. I did see this to late in an german auction, went away for 30 euros.\
  19. It looks like it is missing it's covers.
  20. Did find these british tools yesterday. The left one has special hooks on it for the connectors of Murph B40 radios. Could the right one be from an ww1 toolkit? Apart form the broad arrow no markings on it.
  21. Maybe but i found this ?? https://www.optical-toys.com/files/Dokumente/AAA - Einzeldokumente/Patentnummern Deutschland.pdf
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