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Hello hello

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Hi all,

I'm Lewis, you might remember my dad Mick. Been quite a while since I last looked at HMVF so I thought i'd sign up and get my own account, and with a bit of luck come on here a tad more often!

How is everyone's winter projects coming along? I find it too cold to be fiddling around in the shed recently! :-(

Best regards, Lew

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Welcome Lew and hope your dad is well. Bought a GMC canvas of him 4 years ago, the cab canvas and doors are still on it!


It sure has been cold to cold for someone like me - even though I promised to get my truck sorted over christmas.....:sweat:


Usual rules, keep your feet off the sofa, no muddy boots in the snooker room, don't drink Enigma's coke, don't poke fun out of Jeep or ferret owners and for god sake don't even look at Snappers custard creams - that said he may of chilled out over christmas:coffee:


Your turn to doing the washing up tonight and don't forget to put the cat out.


Best wishes,



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How is everyone's winter projects coming along?



Welcome to the forum and please tell us a bit about what you're driving/working on these days.


My current winter project is trying to stay as warm as possible.

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Haha bloody hell Jack I remember packaging that canvas up with him in the shed!

Got those rules bang on I think, i'll try my best not to poke fun at the Jeep owners. Seen as there's so many of them about I think i'd be eaten alive?:-D

The old Ferret remains one of my all time favourites so no worries there. She's hardly been used recently, bugger that in this weather!

Anyway thanks for the welcome. I have to admit I don't own an MV myself yet. I've been told the Ferret will be passed down when the insurance will allow!

Then again about two years ago I entered into the world of classic vehicles with a 1975 local farm Landy. Series III so she just misses the tax exemption, but she's still a straight example and I managed to get her for a darn good price. All the ones i'd been casually interested in were all rotboxes, and then this one turned up, and I just had to have it. Of course at the time I treated her as an investment.... but then like you do, you become attached to it! I'll be devastated when she's sold!

Who knows, maybe when the right time comes i'll buy an old FFR series or something. Thing is at this time it's quite hard to support all the hobbies. It's always a case of sorting out the luxuries and what I actually need, and a Landy doing 18 or so to the gallon isn't really practical as a first car. I'm not conforming to a piece of plastic rubbish, maybe an old Viva or something will eventually do? Only two years to wait now before i'm allowed out on the roads! (Be very afraid). Imagine how bad it'll be when i'm put in command of the Ferret, good job we don't own a 432 or something! :cool2:

Anyway it's good to be here, best wishes to all, Lew

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