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  1. Hello chaps, Putting it to the collective mountain of knowledge that is HMVF, can anyone identify this gearbox? At a guess I thought Saracen or Saladin but on looking at some photos now I'm not sure. Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks, Lew
  2. Justin I'm not sure if I'm recalling correctly but on our Mk1 the spring curves back on itself and down through its own centre making its own 'pin' as part of it? Either way I can look at the parts list for you tomorrow if needs be
  3. I got two plates off him recently Justin, very reasonable on price as ever. Richard is a hero for this sort of stuff!
  4. I spoke to DVSA about this yesterday chaps as Tyler asked this question on my behalf, you are correct if you passed your test post 1997 they do not consider the Ferret a goods vehicle therefore it cannot be driven under the pre 1960 ruling on a category B licence
  5. Thank you very much Clive, no rush. Enjoy the show.
  6. Clive, Here's hoping you are reading this. I have just bought a Mk1 Stalwart that has sat for a great many years unused and it all feels a little like dejavu again. I have connected two batteries and turned the master on, ignition on I'm getting dash lights but no cranking on swinging the starter lever. Is there any chance you could send me the wiring diagrams for ign and starter circuit as you said before? Would be very helpful Thanks, Lewis
  7. Paul I presume the museum is also down in Hampshire? Are you doing an open weekend type thing before the official opening day or anything like that? Would be a good laugh to drive down in the MVs with a few mates for a look round. A lot of effort being put in here, keep up the good work!
  8. Clive, I owe you a great many pints if we ever have the pleasure of meeting again. I was somewhat desperate to get the vehicle back in the workshop this evening so with your having led me to the source I wondered if a curious tap with a spanner on the distribution box would have any result. It gave me some lights and hey presto, she sparked into life. I will be having a look inside tomorrow. Thanks very much for that, your knowledge is invaluable.
  9. Hello Clive my apologies, that was me being a bit thick! I have 24v at R, and with ignition on, starter switch held down as you said, I'm only getting approx 7-8v at INS.
  10. Hello Clive, thanks for your reply. Do you have a location for the 10A circuit breaker? Presumably the distribution box is the square box to the rear left of the fighting compartment located next to the charging socket?
  11. Now for example I've tried to start it and actuated the starter switch, the lights will go out and then I only get power at these points. Any ideas?
  12. Now when I do get dash lights with ignition on which is very rare and intermittent, I get power to these points. As soon as the starter switch is actuated the lights go out, nothing happens and I lose power at various points.
  13. Hello chaps, I've put the dash back together having cleaned up the contacts but still no joy. Upon pulling the starter switch down all that happens is the fuel gauge needle jumps up. Rather confused. I have to confess electrics aren't my forte, I've checked for 24v at ignition which I have one side, then the other when switched over. Will try and get a photo to illustrate where I'm getting power to.
  14. Thanks for the replies chaps, it is indeed a Mk6 Clive. I have the switch panel apart at the moment, it is a complete sod to take apart in situ! I can't say I'm looking forward to putting it back together. It was a little dirty in places but nothing that I'd consider to be an obvious cause so I will follow that up. A number of the pins were looking rather crusty As you can see the way it's come apart is effectively backwards to how was intended, never mind!
  15. Hello Clive, I assumed it was but now you mention it I'm not sure, I'll have a look after work. I'm determined to get it sorted this week as there's a local vehicle event at the weekend and I'm keen to take the Ferret.
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