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  1. Hello chaps, Putting it to the collective mountain of knowledge that is HMVF, can anyone identify this gearbox? At a guess I thought Saracen or Saladin but on looking at some photos now I'm not sure. Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks, Lew
  2. Justin I'm not sure if I'm recalling correctly but on our Mk1 the spring curves back on itself and down through its own centre making its own 'pin' as part of it? Either way I can look at the parts list for you tomorrow if needs be
  3. I got two plates off him recently Justin, very reasonable on price as ever. Richard is a hero for this sort of stuff!
  4. I spoke to DVSA about this yesterday chaps as Tyler asked this question on my behalf, you are correct if you passed your test post 1997 they do not consider the Ferret a goods vehicle therefore it cannot be driven under the pre 1960 ruling on a category B licence
  5. Right chaps, an update. I didn't realise that the distance clamps actually turn independently as they aren't internally splined so with some tapping they knocked round and the clamp bolts could then be removed. Unfortunately I'm really struggling to get the drive sleeves into the transfer box to slide back into the centre bevel boxes, they slide backwards and forwards easy peasy in my reconditioned bevel boxes I have to fit, unfortunately after 25 years in a field the ones on the truck aren't so easily moved!
  6. What a pain chap, not what you need especially after just getting her all back together! We still haven't really got any further with ours, I have tried with a bloody great bar to turn the thing over and it won't move even the slightest amount. We even tried fitting a sun gear and towing it but simply dug a trench. The front cover definitely needs to come off to see what on earth has happened in there. Unfortunately in years gone by someone has taken the top off to inspect the damage and left the top plate off allowing water ingress. It's not easy
  7. Also I don't have the EMER to hand but have found it on here and downloaded a PDF, I'll have a read through this evening
  8. Hello Richard, in a sense yes as we removed all of the sun gears from each hub so that we could tow it into place
  9. Hit a bit of a wall with the Stolly chaps, I'm having a real struggle removing the centre bevel box clamps as our transfer box is locked solid for some reason so I can't turn it to line the clamp bolts up with the inspection holes. With securing nuts removed, side upper bearing caps and the big adjuster clamps removed I assume the big cast front cover should pull off? I'm struggling to get ours to budge so that I can see what is going on in there!
  10. Cheers guys, very helpful. Have got the majority of the floor up and cross beams out this evening along with radiator out. All steps in the right direction to stripping her back to a bare hull
  11. Hello chaps, just readying ourselves for removing the engine, gearbox and transfer box out of our Stolly project. My question is, looking at the diagrams am I correct in assuming that both centre wheel stations need to be removed before it can be lifted out? Thanks
  12. Well guys, thank you all for your advice. After 30ish years in a field and around 11 since it was last run, she fired up again today and purrs like a kitten. Very happy!
  13. Thank you Richard, that was my initial thought so will certainly give it a go.
  14. Right chaps, having supplied 24v to 'SOL' directly she is cranking over smoothly. I have checked 'IGN' in the junc box and am getting 24v there but sadly no spark at the plugs. Where is my next port of call? King lead off at distributor end and check there? I have to admit I'm not sure how the threaded connections come apart.
  15. Ron thank you very much indeed for that information, I have just been reading Clive's post on ignition matters and sure enough, the wire they have hot wired in is the solenoid wire. It's all starting to make sense now! Fortunately it does turn on the handle so I might try my best He Man impression this evening and give it a few revolutions on that first.
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