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Where was this taken?

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Anybody know?




Column of American infantrymen march along, small road somewhere in England while preparing preparing for the cross-Channel invasion of Normandy, aka D-Day.Location: United Kingdom

Date taken: March 1944

Photographer: Frank Scherschel

Size: 1077 x 1280 pixels (15.0 x 17.8 inches)


Source: Google

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Is there anything about the kit and (lack of) badges which might suggest a Unit? Might this might give a clue? The quite high hills, trees with a wind bend, suggest more 'moor' than 'rolling', so maybe edge of Dartmoor ish? White (?) painted buildings are maybe more of the South West counties also?

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Reminds me very strongly of the approach to Tebay village in what was Westmorland


Any idea what Yank units were stationed up that neck of the woods, and whereabouts within marching distance? I dont know much about major US troop concentrations but I did think they would have been nearer to the battle training grounds in the SW. Happy to stand being informed/corrected.


Looking at the background field boundaries they do seem to be well built up around hedge lines. I would suggest this might be more of a South West characteristic than the generally pure stone of the Northern fells. But the lack of high tall roadside banks so beloved of Cornwall/Devon maybe does point more to a more 'in between' area. So maybe the edge of Exmoor?

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