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15 cwt trucks (Fordson, Bedford, Morris)


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Been asked by the owner of Ace models, a plastic military vehicle kit model company, if I had any drawings of the 15 cwt truck series used by the Brits in WW2, so he can look into producing models in 1/72 of them (about time some British softskins were made in 1/72). I don't have any, but does anyone have any, or know where I could find some? Looking for the Fordson WOT2, Bedford MW, and the Morris CS8. Cheers for any help, Rob

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Hi Rob,


Don't forget the Chevrolet C15,Ford F15 and Dodge D15. all were built in Canada for the British Forces,they were all right hand drive.


Sorry I don't have any drawings.



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Re drawings of 15cwt trucks,in British Military Transport of WWII by David Jane, there's 'line drawings of Ford WOT"H, Guy quad-ant 4x4,Morris Comm C8/gs 4x4 as wellas Bedford MW gs.

These have been scaled at 1:35.


Hope this helps, I've a spare copy, they could borrow, if needed,- as, like you say, it would be nice to see british softskin represented in kit form.


Give me a shout if I can help.



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Haven't heard anything in a while, the owner seemed interested in both the Fordson WOT2 and also the AEC Matador, possibly more interested in the Matador because there are so many variants he could build on the chassis, such as the Deacon SPG and armoured truck, Dorchester armoured command vehicle, AEC armoured car etc, and different bodies for the Matador itself, if I hear anything else i'll let you know.

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