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NATO hitch


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Hi guys, anyone know if towing a gross weight 10ton trailer is allowed with NATO hitch? My Sisu's have a special construction hitch, ie. the hitch is also working as a hinge for the bed, so replacing it with a civilian version is going to be expensive...


At least in Germany, Finland etc. using NATO hitch is not allowed. How about UK...?



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As far as I am aware, there is no problem towing a 10 ton trailer with a NATO tow hitch - I presume you are referring to a Bedford type size rather than a Landie tow hitch?


In the services, TM's and most of the green fleet were fitted with NATO tow hitch. All manor of trailers were towed using NATO tow hook including 10 ton tilt trailers and 20 ton plant trailers.



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Its really great if I can register my Sisu's in UK and still tow the trailer with the NATO hitch. Just to have an idea what sort of hitch I have, just look at the photo - you also see the trailer which is the original prototype trailer for it. Naturally I wouldn't like to make any changes for the truck (I don't see nothing wrong having a NATO hitch!) as I want to keep the truck as original as possible, and also because its function is also to be as a hinge for the bed - and any changes in that area will cost real money.




Thats my trailer, weight empty 5500kg and gross weight 10000kg. The Sisu is also 5500kg, and gross weight 9800kg. So total gross weight for the combination is just under 20 tons.



Historical photo of the other prototype trailer, technically slightly different and no crane, but same size (the lowest photo of the two).


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Yeah, the chassis is unbelievably flexible. I have just the chassis with leaf springs standing on the floor, and I can lift any corner with only a jack having 15-20 degree bends just with its own weight. At the moment I'm building a new bed and cabin from scratch, they should be done within few weeks time. It would be great to have the UK licence plates before the end of year!


Not even Unimog-factory will guarantee 45 degree (side) and 60 degree (elevation) angles for the whole truck, like Sisu does. Actually in hard conditions its usually the driver who fails first;)


You can do this easily, there's hardly any resistance in the frame, it just follows the contours of the ground:



I can post some photos of only the chassis bending...

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Well, another reason to get to UK :D Many thanks for the info, I feel better now:) Here its not allowed to tow a trailer with any load, with a NATO hitch. At least in Finland you are not even allowed to have a trailer!


So, here are some photos of the frame doing some Aerobics ;) The frame is not heavy, so its only the weight of the springs that makes it bend when I'm raising any of the corners. You can see the flexibility (still other 3 corners on the ground), if I could add more weight on the corners I don't know where the limit is, LOL!


I have too much time in my hands... :D


So, normal position:



...and lifting one corner:



Hard to make a good photo of it...


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