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Had a busy day yesterday getting the OT out and about - Started off having to get up at 03:00 and out of the house by 04:00 to get to Gt Yeldham to meet Ken and Rex's low loader. Got to Gt Yeldham at 05:15 as planned and meat John, the hangar mnanger there who thoughtfully provided bacon butties and tea. Ken arrived at 05:45 and we fitted the out riggers and boarding ready lo load the OT. Thats when we found a slight problem. We had out-riggers on the load bed - but not the ramps. Tried to load the OT but the tracks went aither side of the ramps. So we all had a head-scratching session to work out what the hell to do and the John remembered there was a pile of narrow guage railway sleeprers at the rear of the hangar. We borrowed 12 of them and biult temp ramps either side of the loading ramps and drove the OT on. Worked very well - excpet by the end of the day I was totally knackered from having to haul these sleepers aroud to make the ramps extensions half a dozen times!!

We were supposed to have arrived at Fords Dunton plant by 02:00 but we actually got there at 10:15. Uloaded the OT and Ken left to pick up Andy's Antar whilst we rumbled onto the test track and parked up. I'd had to co-opt my daughter into being commander as security at Ford meant I couldn't ask Jason (AMVG) as I'd planned. Had a pleasant day chatting to frineds and former work colleagues which was nicely capped by picking up the runners-up prize in the Miscellaneous class (also known as the WTFIT). Interesting thing was there were a load of Czech engineers on site from the Rumanian project and the all went wild over the OT when the saw the Czech roundel on the front - so much so we had two hitch a ride when we moved the OT around to the loading point. :)

Ken returned at 18:30 and we reloaded the OT ready for the trip to the hop farm. Because of having to build the ramp extensions every time it was taking about an hour to load and about 20 minutes to unload. Time we got to the Hop Farm, unloaded the OT and parked it up in the America's field, walked back to the F-250 and loded the sleepers on board the returned him it was gone midnight. Was supposed to have gone down to the W&P show to stay today but nothing was packed due to the late arrival home plus I'm feeling shattered and the feet are killing me after yesterday so I'll off tomorrow instead.

Looking forwards to that!!!

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Dispite the problems seems you may have beaten the Goblin as the OT-90 ran and moved with out problems and you made the day for those engineer's !!!!

AS they say adapt and overcome . Very glad the problems were worked out , hope you dont suffer to long term as a result.

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