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wheel rim angles

john fox


I thought that a Ferret TracGrip tyre has a 5 degree rim angle and therefore can only be fitted to wheels with the same angle rims


Can US tyres be fitted to British wheel rims or is this not possible because US tyres are not 5 degree and its not safe to do that ?


I'm sure I read somewhere that people were cutting the beads of tyres to make them fit or is that only relevant to wartime vehicles and post war / NATO era all wheels were standardised so that tyres are interchangeable between US and UK


can anyone with authority state which of the above is correct - specifically can modern US 9.00 x 16 tyres be fitted to a Ferret wheel rim

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From my limited knowledge, we had to cut the tyres bead to fit the C8 rims. Brit wartime rims are different, certainly to post war rims. Apparently with heavy duty gear you can squeeze tyres onto wartime rims, but the amount of tension of the tyre on the rims I wouldnt like! The tyre is more likely to give out.

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