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Amberley 18 may

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This looks like R Cubes truck!

It is Joris :-D we had a great day, r cubed forgot his camera :(. so thank you Chrisg for posting yours up here. The weather was good, not too hot but no rain!!!!!!!!!!!

Amberley is a brilliant place to go, loads of hands on exhibits there (lots of buttons and switches for the kids to play with) and of course the train and bus rides.

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Still covered in Plains mud i see, just like ours!
:whistle::whistle::whistle::-D:-D well you know r cubed, he likes it to have that 'used' look!!!!!!!

Dont expect it too look any different this weekend!

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Very nice photos. Really liked those two british square carry all copies. (don't remember their name!)





They're Heavy Humber Utility's, Marty.

4x4 six cylinder.

This chassis was also used for the Light Recce car MkIII



A nice pair of vehicles.



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The British Comander in chief's Liasion Mission to Soviet Forces. This was formed in 1945 and continued till 1999 when the Berlin Wall came down. The job was 'liasion' with Soviet Forces in what was then East Germany. The job involved 'Touring' East Germany in marked vehicles, unarmed and no communictaions. French and American forces also did so but the majority were UK. Basically legalised spying. SOXMIS was the Soviet equivalent. Although BRIXMIS was never used to run agents in place, as SOXMIS was none the less they provided a lot of intelligence coups. The job was very hairy including being chased across country by Zil trucks hells bent on crushing you. Try Paul Gerhatty's boox BRIXMIS. One of the Y service vetrans, radio interceptors, told me that they were all set to celebrate on May 8th 1945, and got told no chance, you now begin your new job, listen to what the Russians are up to.

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