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Britain At War mag


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Aparently there's a new managing director, of Green Arbor Publishing, (who publish Britain at War);.....apart from this, and a new publication date, looks as though rest is going to stay the same,........... I thought they'd 'got it right', from the off,...along with quite a few others, it seems;:),.........be daft to change a winning formula.



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where do you get this magazine from never seen one , is it local newsagent :readbook: :coffee:


Yes, at present thats how I get mine,.........although I'm going to subscribe. :) Jack/Rick, do we know it HMVF discount still applies.


Contact no, for mag is 0208 971 8452 general enquiries, etc


Hope it helps,




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Just bought the latest one. Very interested to see the line of U Boats on Falmouth beach. An old family friend used to climb inside them (must have been back in the 1920's). He took a brass plate he found inside and before his death (about 10 years ago), he passed it on to Falmouth museum.


My Father remembers playing on them when he was a boy (must have been late 40's early 50's) although at that stage there could not have been much left of them. They are still there he tells me, but usually covered by the tide.


Great magazine by the way.


Tim (too)

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