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Although these graphics are one of the best examples I've seen along the lines of "if the Earth was an apple then the Sun would be the size of a Martian Gun Tractor" sort of comparison it, in my view, hardly begins to address the true insignificance of our home. Statements like "there are about 100 million suns in every galaxy and more galaxies than grains of sand on a beach, each with a 100 million suns" do. I think it's kind of freeing, I mean, if you can't do what you want to in the insignificant, out of the way, place our solar system surely is where can you ?

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Well, I think the number of folk who go about without even glancing upwards,.........or skywards, are missing out; :)


Quite possibly the Best Free show ever; I had to try and describe a sun rise to a blind man, colour's, etc once;..............Not Easy !!

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